Collections add amazing personality to your home, and in fact, your home might not feel complete without one.

Whether it was acquired haphazardly, or your intention was to build a collection, it doesn’t matter, we’re all spending a little more time at home these days, so now is the time to do something about it.

Making the most of your collection (so that it doesn’t look like clutter) isn’t as hard as you might think.

You can start by grouping your objects – massing similar things together creates a far more impactful look. For example, your blue and white porcelain plates and serving dishes might look fabulous as a wall installation, which brings us to tip number one – lay it out on the floor first so you can play with the arrangement beforehand and make sure it’s right.

Your collection doesn’t have to be full of expensive things. Breadboards are generally inexpensive and can add beautiful warmth to your kitchen when displayed on the wall. Plants look great indoors and when poked into shelving can really soften a space. So that’s tip number two – your collection doesn’t need to break the bank.

Our last tip is to highlight similarities, or in other words group things not by type, but by colour or texture. The dining space is a great place to start because that’s the space we usually gather at night, making deep shades of colour pop. You’ll have the horizontal space on the table to work with, or the vertical space on the walls. Perhaps on a rustic country-style table you could do a cluster of green – ceramics, candles, flowers. On a modern glass-topped table, you could add some texture with timber and brass pieces.

Keep in mind that the best home of all is filled with the pieces you love, there really is no right or wrong!