What would we do without art? The world would certainly be a far sadder place without the colour, vibrancy, and life art brings to our day. At H & H, we’re firm believers that everyone should buy art for their home. 

That’s why this month we’re hosting a walking art tour in collaboration with Mitchell Fine Art gallery and Edwina Corlette Gallery. In this free event, we’re inviting people from all over Brisbane to come and join us for wine, nibbles, fine art, and a lovely evening stroll through New Farm. 

The works of Deirdre Bean will be on display at Mitchell Fine Art while Edwina Corlette Galleries will be showcasing the work of Sally Anderson. We’re very excited to spend the afternoon indulging in culture. If you’d like to join us, please don’t hesitate to register for your free ticket here. 

In the meantime, here are 5 reasons you should consider purchasing fine art to liven up your home and living space.

(Credit: Mitchell Fine Art) ‘Reveal- Grasshopper’ by Dierdre Bean

(Credit: Edwina Corlette Galleries) ‘Floating swamp Banksia with a copy of Guy’s Balls Pyramid’ by Sally Anderson

It’s aesthetically pleasing

This is probably the most obvious reason as to why people buy art. What could be a simpler reason than ‘I liked it’ for purchasing a stunning piece of artwork? Fine art, however, is far more visually pleasing than a store-bought, mass-produced print. Even the most amateur of art connoisseurs can tell the difference between an original creation and a store-bought piece.   

Original fine art has the power of adding prestige to any room. Anyone can look at it and see the fine brush strokes or handiwork and appreciate the time and effort that went into creating it.

(Credit: Samuel Zeller on Unsplash) Sometimes an artwork just speaks to a person

It can add depth to the room

Fine art will pop off the wall adding so much depth and character to the space. Additionally, sculptures, ceramics, and other 3D artworks will also add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home.

The perfect piece of artwork will capture the eye the moment a person steps foot in the room.

(Credit: Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash) Art brings character to any room

It’s a conversation starter

“Where did you get that gorgeous painting?!”

The boring answer would be “Oh that. I got that from Ikea,”. However, when you buy original fine art, it usually comes with a story. You may get to know the artist, hear the story behind the work, and get a better understanding of the artist’s attitudes and feelings toward the piece. 

Usually, when people buy art, it’s because the piece has leapt out at them. They’ve felt something deeply about the piece and at that moment they’ve decided they must have it. This always leads to an amazing story to tell people when they ask about your artwork.

(Credit: Dan 7th on Unsplash) Your piece will certainly have a story attached

It can be an investment

You never know where the attention of the art world will go next. It’s always a thrill to think that perhaps ten years down the track, that piece of art you purchased will have doubled in value. 

However, not all art will be worth a lot someday. What’s more important than dollar value is sentimental value. When you love a piece of art with all your heart, chances are you won’t want to sell it. Instead, an original piece of fine art can stay within a family for generations. 

The longer it’s cherished by the family, the more valuable it becomes to the family.

(Credit: Andy Kelly on Unsplash) A beautiful piece of artwork is always a great investment

You’re supporting artists!

A lot of people shy away from the expensive price tag attached to fine art. However, you’re not just paying for something to hang on your wall. You’re paying for the materials (often expensive paints, canvases, and frames) used to create the work. You’re paying for the artists time spent creating this specific work and the time they’ve spent over however many years cultivating their talents. Finally, you’re paying for them to continue creating art and making the world a brighter place. 

In the wise words of Thomas Merton “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,”.

(Credit: Goashape on Unsplash) A lot of time, emotion, and energy goes into creating fine art, so when you buy art, you’re helping the artist continue creating