Trust remains the crucial factor in buying decisions. Read on to make sure your agent’s harnessing it.

  1. People make decisions emotionally. We’ve always used the power of heart over head at H & H. Our whole brand is built around that philosophy. The magazine-quality imagery, the copy that makes a buyer fall in love with your property, and buyer follow-up that keeps them actively interested. But active buyers want more than that . . .
  2. Buyers justify decisions with facts. A buyer wants your home because it makes them feel good/solves a problem, but they need to justify the purchase rationally, and a lot of that hinges on social proof when selling property, as we explain in the next bullet point.
  3. Buyers look for value and social proof. This is where it gets tricky in the current situation we find ourselves in. With no open houses for a buyer to get the social proof that they need to make a purchase, trust in the agent becomes the crucial factor. So, the REAL question is, how did YOU (the seller) choose your agent? Did you base your decision on the agent who came in with the highest price? Did you choose your agent because they ‘looked after you’ when you bought your next home through them? Did you pick your agent because they’ve called you every week for the last five years? Did you base your decision on hope (as in question 1), double-dealing (question 2), or false friendship (question 3). Unfortunately, none of these are good reasons for choosing an agent.

Trust is the ONLY reason to choose your agent.

Now to the other part of this bullet point – VALUE. Many of the big agencies don’t know how to price property properly. Their ‘Goliath’ system is to rely on the auctions to establish price.

At H & H we’re not convinced that online auctions will be able to successfully replace the regular auction system that’s always been held onsite or in-rooms.

Hence, correct pricing matters more than ever. Price must be fair (because buyers are very aware of what’s good value), but it also must promote active buyers’ interest in submitting offers – a very fine balance that H & H agents specialise in.

We are the ‘David’ of the real estate industry, which means we’re nimble and can adapt quickly to the changing business environment, and we look forward to the opportunity of being of service when the time is right for you.