Here's 13 reasons why buying off-the-plan may work for you...

1. It’s brand new
Who doesn’t love brand-new everything? Imagine moving-in day for your brand-new apartment. You might have splurged on some new furniture and maybe even some new pieces of art to adorn your walls. This is what you’ve always dreamed of . . . congratulations!

2. It’s in demand
Because of the upsurge in Brisbane’s population (everyone wants a piece of the sunshine!), apartment living that’s close to amenities will always do well.

3. Apartment living is becoming the norm
While it’s been par-for-the-course in many major cities for decades now, living in an apartment in Brisbane has never been more accepted than it is today. You know it’s become the norm when young families are also choosing apartments over houses because of today’s busy lifestyles.

4. Less land available
‘Buy land, they’re not making it anymore,’ Mark Twain famously advised. But if you want a lock-and-leave lifestyle, close to café culture and rich in other amenities like transport, the arts, and great neighbours, really, an off-the-plan apartment is really the way to go.

5. Resort-style amenities
Not only will you enjoy resort-style amenities in many of the off-the-plan properties, but the best thing is, you won’t have to look after them anymore. No more cleaning the pool, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, or cleaning the gutters!

6. Close to amazing lifestyle
You’ll be able to live, shop, work, dine and much more after you move into your off-the-plan apartment. Walkability factor is usually very high in the areas where the types of boutique developments that H & H market.

7. Small deposit needed
This is one of the best aspects of purchasing off-the-plan. Usually, the process involves a $5,000 refundable deposit when you submit your expression of interest, then upon signing of the contract, you’ll be expected to pay a 10% deposit within 7 days (some developers also allow bank guarantees)

8. Long settlement
Gives you time to sell – usually, you’ll have a year or two to get yourself organised for the move

9. Adapting to apartment living
Most people love downsizing to an apartment after years of living in a house. ‘Finally, some time for me!’ you’ll exclaim. The peace of mind an apartment brings to folks who like to travel and need to lock-and-leave is priceless.

10. Less maintenance
You’ll have next to no maintenance bills for quite some time after moving into your new apartment. Joy!!

12. Higher rental return
Sometimes plans don’t work out and you’re not ready for your apartment when its delivered. You’ll be pleased to know your off-the-plan, brand new apartment will rent for very good returns

13. More choice
You might have a target area closer to the CBD that you’re planning to move to. Often there are similar suburbs with similar off-the-plan stock that also may be of interest.

We’ve helped numerous purchasers with their off-the-plan journey. We’d love to be of service to you too.