A quick roundup of what a few of us did over the holidays and some goals for the year.

Peter and Karen: Well… it’s a bit embarrassing to admit this, but one of our holiday memories involves binge-watching The Mandolorian while eating the leftovers from Christmas Day – lots of ham, and plum pudding with custard. We had a lovely week of little celebrations with family and friends, with rest days in between, and we enjoyed some time at the beach too. Goals for the year: we’re stoked about learning this year – we’ve already started Masterclass courses, and we’re going to learn Italian (maybe by the time we can travel we’ll be able to chat with a few locals, and in the meantime, we can practice on Angelo!)


Elisa: A highlight for me was my 8 year old son learning to boogie board over the holidays. I ate way too many prawns, ham, chicken schnitzel and trifle! A big goal for me in 2021 is to run a half marathon, training is underway. And I seriously cannot wait to help my clients get to their next step in 2021.

Angelo: Had fun exploring new bars and restaurants around town, took Eddie to the secret spot up at Wurtulla Beach, and had a very relaxing week at Moreton. Mission for the year: in a word, training – both mind and body. To me it’s the most important ingredient in creating an extraordinary life!


Marvin: Did a lot of day trips – hiking around Tamborine Mountain, we visited Ocean View Estates (a lovely winery), and enjoyed some fine dining at Les Amour, a cute little French restaurant we discovered recently. This year I’m getting super-focused on serving the people of Greenslopes when it’s their time to make a move.

Allie: After a year of no visits with my Mum and family in Victoria, I revelled in being able to spend a couple of weeks there over the holiday. Mum and I spent a lot of time in country Victoria visiting relatives, and I got to do some hiking in the Dandenongs. For 2021, I’ll continue to service the fabulous people of Stafford Heights and 4053, the area I love!