There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selecting a real estate agency through which to sell your home. You’ve got your big brand names, your independents, and your boutique agencies. While it can be overwhelming, it’s good you have plenty of options. After all, this is the most important sale of your life, so you want to make sure you’ve got plenty to choose from.

However, there are agencies out there that, quite frankly, are not working in your best interests. They have a pretty single-minded focus on one thing and one thing only; profits. They prioritise at the quantity of listings over the quality of their service. You might as well take a ticket and line up as you would in a deli because to them you are a number.

At Hutton & Hutton, we call these agents ‘McAgents’, as you’re getting the same package everywhere no matter what. We pride ourselves on being a boutique agency, which means we can offer you things the ‘McAgents’ can’t.

Here’s a short list of reasons why boutique agencies are simply better!

1. We throw the ‘one-size-fits-all’ process out the window

A hallmark of the ‘McAgent’ is their tendency to have a simplified, stock-standard method of selling your home. They’ll present you with a plan straight off the bat without getting to know you or your property first.

That’s not how a boutique agency works. We believe in getting to know your needs, wants, and expectations before suggesting a plan of attack. At the end of the day, we want to present you with a tailored plan to sell your property with innovative marketing that works best for your situation.

A ‘best-fit’ home selling solution will always get you the best outcome.

2. Our agents are of a higher calibre

When building a small, boutique agency, we like to know our agents are the crème de la crème. At Hutton & Hutton, we are very selective when it comes to putting together a sales team. We have a team of highly experienced, professional agents who have incomparable knowledge of the markets in which they work.

You can expect our handpicked team to be driven, loyal, and focused on you and your property.

3. You’re dealing with the same agent from beginning to end

It’s a common scene. A seller signs on with a ‘McAgent’ they believe to be the best person to handle their sale. They feel confident in their McAgent’s abilities and are excited to see how the open home goes. They then receive a rude shock when they realise the open home responsibilities have been palmed off to an assistant. How is the assistant supposed to answer questions to the same ability as the lead agent? How is an assistant supposed to get you ‘The Love Price’? You didn’t hire the assistant, but you might as well have because that’s who’ll be doing most of the legwork.

This doesn’t happen in boutique agencies. The person you sign on with is the person who will handle the sale of your property beginning to end. Boutique agencies ensure this because they prefer to maintain quality service over quantity of sales.

At Hutton & Hutton, we never list more than we can handle. Therefore, you can rest assured you’re getting the best from us at all times.

4. We can focus on innovative marketing

Effective marketing gets your perfect buyer through the door. This is where the team at Hutton & Hutton truly set ourselves apart. Boutique agencies are better at tailoring marketing campaigns to cater to each unique property.

Your ‘McAgent’ will probably tell you straight up what they plan to do in terms of marketing. They’ll list it on and, they’ll take out some print advertising, they’ll put a sign in front of your house, etcetera, etcetera. However, this is exactly what they did for the two bedroom townhouse, the four-bedroom suburban home with a pool, and the studio apartment. They used this method for the deceased estate, the couple starting a family, and the widow looking to downsize. They will use this method again and again without altering their strategy.

At Hutton & Hutton, we simply don’t believe in one-size-fits-all marketing. We utilise a number of marketing tactics to ensure a tailored, custom-fit strategy for you and your property. For a start, we use emotional marketing. Our facts and figures are combined with sentimentality, nostalgia, and love. We also ensure your property looks it’s best with in-house styling, and premium photography and videography. Then we use a combination of the following to help your property listing get into the hands of the right buyer:

  • Premier listings on Australia’s biggest property portals
  • Using an extensive database
  • Custom advertising in local papers and magazines
  • Press releases for free, wide-spread publicity
  • Targeted social media advertising
  • Strategically placed flyers and brochures
  • Digital listings on our website
  • High-quality signage out front of the property
  • Advertising in the shop windows of either our New Farm or Hawthorne offices

5. We care about you

At the end of the day, all we care about is getting the best price for you and your property. Boutique agencies value honesty and integrity and will often rely on trust as a fundamental element of their business plans. What you see is what you get and we’ll never try to pull the wool over your eyes.

We believe you come first and we’re here to serve you, not our egos. Your property is the star, not us.

If you’d like to know more about what a boutique agency can offer you, or more specifically what Hutton & Hutton can do for you, you can contact our New Farm or Hawthorne offices today.

Alternatively, you can download a copy of Hutton & Hutton CEO’s book ‘The Love Price’ for free here.