It takes A LOT to be chosen to represent a vendor in the sale of (what’s usually) their biggest asset.

An agent who has the backing of a great brand that stands for something is a big part of that equation.

Vendors today are choosing their agent based on inspections and offers. Because we all know, the more inspections, the more offers, the higher the sale price.

So, how does an agent maximise inspections (and thereby buyer competition), right from the get-go?

Obviously at H & H a lot of effort goes into imagery to attract the right demographic; as well as answering the question that a potential buyer is seeking to solve via our trademark story-telling approach to copy writing (story telling goes much deeper than regular features-based real estate copy).

Also, from day one, we launch to well over 100,000 buyers via various channels, including our own highly visited website. Even in a hot market, we want to maximise buyer competition. We want your H & H agent’s phone ringing off the hook, their email flooded with enquiries, and a queue waiting to get in come open day.

At Marvin’s Greenslopes property last weekend there were 37 buyers queued up to get through. Prior to that he had 6 private inspections (read on to see how many offers he received).

So, the next thing a vendor wants is offers.

No offers is a result of low buyer numbers which is influenced by sub-par online presence and an off-market, quiet launch (some agencies employ a 2 week soft-launch strategy which reduces the number of buyers that see the property).

And it needs to be an easy process for a buyer to make an offer. The H & H website has a button on every listing to provide a simple form for buyers to submit an offer. As an example, 12 of the 14 offers Marvin received for his Greenslopes listing were submitted via the online form.

Inspections and offers. That’s what vendors want. Make sure to choose an agent with a track record of delivering those vital elements in order to maximise the sale of your home.