So you have a property you’re hoping to lease in the future, but you want to know what gives
you the edge renters are looking for? You’ve come to the right people. At H & H we know
property and we know people, and we know exactly how to perfectly match the two. H & H Inner
North’s BDM Caleb Reis has made things a little easier for you. He’s sharing his secrets about
what tenants REALLY want in a property.

Aircons & Fans

At H & H, we’re more than familiar with South-East Queensland weather. It’s hot, humid, and
sometimes can feel unbearable. It’s little wonder that people seek an escape into air conditioned
havens! Installing fans or air conditioning is almost essential nowadays. Many tenants have it
pretty high up on their ‘no exceptions’ wishlist. Another bonus of air conditioning and fans? It
promotes airflow. Adequate air circulation can prevent stuffiness and damp conditions, which
will prevent odour and mould in your property!

(Credit: Leman on Unsplash) Airconditioning can be a godsend for tenants in the summer


Whether they are minimalists, have an eclectic collection of books, or own one too many mugs,
every tenant needs somewhere to put their stuff. When tenants are inspecting your property
they are already picturing how their possessions can fit in the space. Offering plenty of storage
options is going to attract the attention of plenty of applicants.

A huge appeal to prospective is built-in-wardrobes. Built-ins can often be a deciding factor for
many prospective tenants and others won’t even consider properties without them. Another
fantastic storage idea for tenants is plenty of shelving. Shelves within wardrobes allow more
space for clothing and shelves in living areas give a space for tenants to display knick-knacks.

(Credit: Chuttersnap on Unsplash) The importance of built-in wardrobes can be underestimated!

Modern Kitchens and Bathrooms

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s a place to gather, prepare family
meals, make a quality cup of tea, or shake up a cheeky cocktail after a long day at work.

However, Caleb Reis has found in his time that the kitchen can often be a weak spot in many
rental properties. They are written off as too expensive to update and are neglected for years,
which can really turn a lot of prospective tenants off. By updating the kitchen a little with clever
storage, bright lighting, and new counter tops, you can create an inviting space that applicants
will be able to picture themselves enjoying.

This goes for bathrooms as well. Outdated bathrooms can not only be an eyesore to behold, but
they can also be difficult to clean. Updating a bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive though!
You can replace faucets, mirrors, and shower curtains at a reasonable price. It’ll pay off in the
long-run when your property is occupied by great long-term tenants!

(Credit: The Soul Shop on Unsplash) Minor updates to the kitchen can change the feel of the whole property.

Natural Lighting

With the rise of the indoor plant trend, something a lot of tenants are looking for in their rental properties is natural light. If your property has large windows, glass doors, outdoor spaces, or skylights, make sure these are accentuated during the inspections. When a room is flooded with natural light it will appear larger, more open, and inviting which are all really appealing to prospective tenants.

(Credit: David Libeert on Unsplash) Natural lighting can make a property feel more welcoming and is hugely appealing to potential tenants

Respectful Property Managers

No matter how perfect the property is and no matter how many boxes it checks for prospective tenants, nobody is going to want to rent a property through difficult management. Tenants who do not find the agent showing the property to be friendly and helpful will often abandon their application quickly. If they do apply and aren’t happy with the property manager, they’ll stay for short-term leases, leaving as soon as they can. That’s the last thing you want!

At H & H, we make our tenants a priority. We make sure to listen to their concerns and to communicate these back to our landlords so everyone is up-to-date on important information. We like our tenants to know we’re there for them and we’re going to treat them as people, not numbers. That’s the real secret to H & H’s low vacancy rates; our stellar property management team.