We all know that buyers want the most house for the least amount of money.

They want to be able to have a zoom meeting on the dining table, put the laptop away and lunch is served. They want to be able to sit outside with friends and enjoy a glass of wine and maybe barbeque some steaks. And they want to have a place for everything – the bikes, the golf clubs, the juicer, their washing.

What they don’t want these days are high-maintenance gardens and closed-off gathering spaces like dining rooms. Buyers see that as wasted space, therefore wasted money.

Other must-haves for today’s savvy buyer include:

+ Aircon or fans, garage storage

+ Walk-in pantry, large kitchen sink, island bench

+ A separate laundry with storage space

+ Neutral colour scheme, stainless steel appliances

+ A separate area for kids to gather if needed

So, you might have the raw ingredients, but how to capture your buyer’s attention without unnecessarily extravagant marketing expenditure? Of course, you want images that look like they jumped off the page of a magazine, but you don’t want to spend money or time removing furniture and having your home styled (or the worry of ruining someone else’s sofa).

Quantum leaps in technology have made virtual staging incredibly realistic. Of course, it is plan B, but it makes great financial sense when it’s done right.

Fabulous visual marketing is a key aspect in achieving the best outcome when selling your home. We want to make memorable impressions that’ll lead to inspections. Yes, it is better to stage your home with furniture so that in-person inspections match their online expectations, but buyers are incredibly good at visualising how their own furniture will work in various situations/they’re buying new things.

Also, the money you might have used in styling could be better utilised to refresh the paint on the walls or give the garden a tidy-up.

We’d love to help if you have any questions about what buyers really want!