We’ve written a few articles on how to declutter, but we’ve never chatted about why declutter. So, here’s a quick look at what decluttering does for your brain.


  1. Say you’ve decluttered your entryway to provide yourself a space to pop your bag, keys, and umbrella when you get home. The creation of this new system motivates the brain to want more because it enhances your sense of mastery and competence. Potentially if you’ve always viewed yourself as a messy person, you’ll see your habits and capabilities in a new light.
  2. Limiting the amount of information coming into your brain is extremely beneficial currently with the seemingly unlimited torrents of social media, tv, surfing the web, etc. Consider decluttering your inbox by unsubscribing to irrelevant messages that don’t contribute to your well-being and watch less tv – devote that time to a peaceful activity like reading.
  3. Decluttering relieves anxiety by incorporating a sense of calm to your environment. When things are out of order and messy, it makes us feel scattered and jittery. Humans prefer order and symmetry, which is why introducing order reduces anxiety.

So, you can see that decluttering is more about self-care than living in a tidy space. We hope that by decluttering your work/home space, you’ll be better able to live in the here and now!

The Jim Elliot quote springs to mind, ‘Wherever you are, be all there.’

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