Are you looking to sell your house or unit in New Farm Qld 4005? Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect agent to sell your home.

If you’re considering selling your home finding the right real estate agent is paramount to a successful sale.

With numerous options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect agent for your needs. Here’s a curated a list of the top 5 best real estate agents New Farm Qld 4005. It will assist you in your quest. Selling your home is a significant undertaking. Enlisting the expertise of a seasoned agent can make all the difference. So, let’s delve into our list of the best real estate agents in New Farm!

Here are the Top 5 Real Estate Agents New Farm Qld 4005:


Peter Hutton, Principal Agent and New Farm specialist, Hutton and Hutton

Peter has nearly 40 years of experience in the real estate market. He knows every corner and crevice of the New Farm area as a local business owner. You’ll often catch Peter having a coffee at Franc Cafe in Merthyr Village Shopping Centre, New Farm. There, you’ll find him chatting with New Farm locals.

He is a master negotiator, has a great eye for detail and secured over 1,000 successful sales for his clients. Additionally, Peter started his career in Ascot before moving to New Farm where he specialised in luxury houses and riverfront apartments. Here’s a list of properties in New Farm sold by Peter and his team.

Peter is also known for selling luxury New Farm properties such as New Farm’s very own coffee kingpin, Phillip Di Bella‘s home at 30 Turner Avenue, New Farm. He has sold many luxury apartments Botanic, Zahra, Cutters Landing and River Galleries to name a few.


Aaron Woolard, Place, Fortitude Valley Office

Aaron has an enviable sales record in New farm with the most sales and a median sales price of $745,000 (source REA).

His BIO describes Aaron as an industry professional that has been achieving record results in the thriving Brisbane property market for nearly a decade. He specialises in the inner-city postcodes, providing a competitive edge thanks to his in-depth local knowledge and marketing savvy.


Brett Greensill, McGrath, New Farm

Brett has been in New Farm selling for a long time now. Many will remember Brett was formerly the principal of LJ Hooker before moving to the McGrath team. Markedly his overall median sales price is currently $1,320,000 (source: REA)

From his online BIO: “Brett Greensill’s longstanding reputation for exceptional client service is no coincidence. A consummate professional who draws on some two decades experience in the industry, his customers benefit not only from his tireless work ethic and outstanding negotiation skills, but also his intrinsic knowledge of the local market.”


Claudia Marchand, Ray White New Farm

Claudia is also well known in New Farm. It’s worth noting, her specialty appears to be apartments under $1,000,000 however she is known for occasionally listing whole block of apartments and classic homes in the area. Her current median sale price is $662,000 (source REA).

Claudia’s BIO reads: “Clients that work with me love the French flair that I bring to their home selling experience. For the past 13 years, I have risen through the real estate ranks to become a premium agent with Ray White. At the same time, I have lived within and sold homes across New Farm – a place especially close to my heart.

Because I’m an active and well-recognised member of the local Brisbane community (having run large scale community events) I’ve established a strong network of local contacts. Today, I specialise in the sale of high-end investment properties and riverview homes, ranging from single-bedroom apartments to prestige houses, for investors or owner-occupiers.”


Eadan Hockings, Ray White New Farm

Eadan has got off to a great start in New Farm recently moving from his previous role in Property Management to a sales agent position. He’s median sales price is currently $872,000 (source REA)

Although relatively new to sales compared to others in this list, Eadan offers a good understanding of the New Farm market and other suburbs around Brisbane’s inner north side. His BIO reads: “As an established agent with nearly a decade of experience, Eadan has amassed a significant database of clients across the River City. Excelling in residential leasing has provided unique exposure to investors and high end tenants that now exclusively use Eadan for his professional and results driven approach to any of their real-estate needs.”


Your Next Step is to Get a Market Appraisal


When it comes to selling your property in New Farm QLD 4005, it’s crucial to get a property appraisal from a local real estate agent. This not only provides an estimate of your property’s worth but also offers insights into the current market conditions.

A professional real estate agent considers various factors, especially future prospects, when appraising your property. This accounts for the market direction, whether prices are trending up or down, and how long your home may take to sell based on the current climate. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions about when to list your property for sale.

Particularly, a property appraisal can help identify opportunities to add value through renovations or improvements before selling. By knowing your home’s major selling points, you can strategically highlight them in your marketing efforts, maximizing your chances of selling for a higher price.

It’s also important to note that a property appraisal is an estimate and has no legal standing. However, many real estate agencies offer this service for free as part of their local market expertise.

So, if you’re planning to sell your property in New Farm QLD 4005, don’t hesitate to reach out to a reputable real estate agent for a professional appraisal. It can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions throughout the selling process. Contact a trusted real estate agent today to get started.

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