Okay, we love lists here at H & H, so here’s another one!

Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing to do when Christmas school holidays seem to stretch forever. Here are a few ideas that might do the trick.

1. Pick an international city you’ve been to or would like to visit. Then theme your day around that. Say you pick Rome for instance, go out for coffee and a croissant for breakfast (we swear to you, that’s what they eat). Make your own pasta or gnocchi for lunch. Dinner at your local Italian joint. Check out the Renaissance works at the gallery. Take a look at some Roman-influenced architecture around town. Promenade the shops. Go for a ride on a moped. And round it all off with gelati while you watch Roman Holiday.

2. Take a trip down memory lane. Load up on the sofa with some popcorn and sit back and enjoy all the family memories. Go back to your grandparents, check out the fashion, the hairstyles, the 70’s backdrops. Right through to today. Click through the holidays, the sport events, first days of school. Make a meal from your favourite decade (remember French Onion Dip?), and create a song list to celebrate some of the high points! Bake something old-fashioned.

3. Finally, how about doing something useful over the holidays? Plant up some pots, do some decluttering, paint the skirting boards, then reward yourself with a little dinner party.

If you’ve enjoyed these ideas, do let us know!