Just another apartment living article for some inspiration!!

1. Less Driving – walking, not driving is our new normal, and we love it. I’d estimate we have an hour extra up our sleeve per day because we now live where we work/play

2. Dusting – well it’s not been totally eradicated, buuuut living in a more airtight property really has cut down on some household chores like dusting

3. The rubbish – no putting the bins out anymore! No more washing grotty bins and no more accidentally forgetting to put the bin out on the footpath, because our onsite manager takes care of all that now

4. No lawns – well this one’s a no-brainer, but the other benefit of living in an apartment area with no lawns is huge . . . you know when you’re dying to have a nana-nap on a Sunday afternoon and your neighbour starts their lawn-mower . . . and they have a 32 perch block . . .

5. No more awkward Jehovah Witnesses moments, ever again – nothing more need be said.

6. Having a pool and not having to look after it!

7. Increased security – there’s a far lower chance of anyone breaking into our apartment than the last home we lived in. Here we have security access via video, there are cameras in the garage too.

8. Lock and leave! Speaks for itself.

9. The gift of time – this one relates to the first point, but because there’s less maintenance, it really frees up our time to do the things we love

10. The great community – yes, you also get this with living in a house, but it really is lovely running into neighbours more often when you’re in an apartment complex, building relationships with community can happen faster