This list is based on our own observations and is by no means definitive. It’s fairly generic too, and not based on one specific buyer demographic.

1. Neutral, time-tested décor: Whites, off-whites and classic flooring (timber/tiles/carpet) will not only bring light into your living spaces, they appeal to the broadest range of buyers.

2.Modern kitchen: A large kitchen island, with a big pantry also adds plenty of functionality to what many buyers call the most important room in the house

3. Outdoor living space: Whether it’s an apartment or a house, your outdoor living space is vital to a prospective buyer. Freshen it up for sale with potted plants and cushions, and make sure it’s spotlessly clean.

4. A well-maintained home, and one that’s easy to maintain: Everyone’s so busy these days, there’s a lot to be said for newer small-lot homes and townhouses, which have become very popular. At the same time, classic homes on larger blocks will always be highly desirable, especially in the right location, for families that need the extra space. Buyers have a keen eye for maintenance issues

5. Smart storage solutions: A home can never have too much storage! A walk-in robe for the master, floor-to-ceiling built-ins, large linen closets, hidden storage under stair wells – all make a huge difference to your buyer’s decision-making

6. Design and layout: Most buyers are looking for the open plan look that’s been around for some time. Small, poky rooms are definitely out.

7. Natural daylight: Buyers do want filtered light in their new home. This is why corner apartments will always sell at a premium price.

8. A welcoming entry: Really, this one is key. Scrub the stairs, put the garden in order, arrange a vase of flowers – all these things say to the buyer ‘We’ve loved and cared for this home.’ It’s an important statement to make.

9. Double garage: Most properties today are sold with two garages. Though generally speaking, one-bedders come with one car space only. Make sure to maximise your garage by fitting it out with shelving/storage units which will be certain to impress your buyers.

10. Walkable neighbourhoods: This one’s more demographic-specific. Empty-nesters as well as apartment buyers are particularly in tune with this trend. They’re saying, ‘Can I live somewhere I can walk? I don’t want to drive anymore.’

We hope this list has been of service to you! Let us know if you have some ideas for other blog articles that may be of interest.