Here’s where you get to go all Marie Kondo! Who wouldn’t love a bedroom where everything’s in its right place? Well, we’re here to tell you, you can have that.

Style-wise, a bedroom needs a bed (obvious), bedside table/s, lamps, and a robe. A nice piece of art above the bed (landscape orientation if you’re a control freak like us) is a great look and a bedroom’s the perfect place to experiment with different looks. For summer you might love white with soft neutrals, and in winter, stronger colours work really well, so why not change the quilt cover to olive green, or saffron for a new look when the weather turns cool? Oh, nearly forgot, a rug under the end of the bed always makes for a finished bedroom.

But let’s get into the nitty gritty of tidying your bedroom. 

Usually, the clutter’s unearthed in the robe and bedside tables (either in the bedsides, or on them). So let’s concentrate on those areas.

 + The Robe: (the things you’ll need – new hangers, we like the padded ones from Howard’s Storage World, sturdy stick-on 3M hooks, baskets – Kmart has a good selection)

 + Divide the time this job takes by dividing your robe into hanging items, drawers/shelves and the floor, and tackle one zone at a time

 + Sort your things into three piles – keep, donate, relocate. With the keep pile, add back into your robe on new hangers, and fold items into your baskets (if your robe has no drawers) so that they can be seen from the top (ie: don’t stack them on top of each other, stack them like looking down on a loaf of sliced bread – use this same method in your drawers). Use the hooks on the inside of the robe for hats, belts, etc.

 + With your ‘relocate’ items, can you put them in under-bed storage boxes? Or do you have storage space high up for those little-used but still-wanted things?

 + If you’re having trouble deciding what to keep and what to donate, take a look at instagrammers who specialise in that subject. For women, we like Tash Sefton, and for men, we like Ashley Weston

 + And for your bedsides, keep those things for your morning/evening ritual. Perhaps a reading lamp, book, and some keepsakes. In your beside drawers, it’s tempting to stash junk that gets left in there for years to come. Decide what you want in your bedsides and stick to it, making a regular time to do a quick clearance 

We hope you’ve found this article interesting, if so, feel free to add to your social media page! It’s amazing what can be achieved with a tidy-up, and you can even give the impression of a well-maintained home (one of the top 10 features all buyers are looking for), through decluttering alone.