With a change in season, it’s a such a good time to take stock and get organised.

The living room is where you entertain guests, watch TV, listen to music, play with the kids/fur baby. Invariably, it gets cluttered (and if anyone tells you theirs never does, don’t believe them!) But you can minimise the clutter, and make it easier to tidy up, if you create a system where every item has its home – we’re talking about the remote that went missing in the sofa cushions again!

The best plan is to keep only items you use in your living room.


+ The remotes – keep them in a flat tray on the coffee table, with magazines, coasters and a couple of decorative items

+ Keep your favourite cushions, but if you have some that have lost their joie de vivre, perhaps it’s time for a few new ones. You can really freshen up the look of a space with the right cushions!

+ If you have a pot of green in your living room, keep it! Bringing the outdoors in is so important these days, especially with the movement of buyers wanting to be closer to the CBD (if you’re looking for a pot to bring into your living room, we’re in love with the olive trees at St Barts)


+ Old magazines, books you’re not currently reading, the not-so-decorative objects that don’t add to the aesthetic

+ Too many framed photos – why not hang some on the wall? It’s quite amazing to notice the difference in space when you declutter your horizontal surfaces – it’s both physical as well as mental

+ Are you still hanging on to DVDs even though you know you’ll never use them again? We get it, nostalgia is a strong emotion, so maybe just whittle it down as best you can

We hope this article has been useful – email karen@huttonandhutton.com.au if you need extra help with decluttering, and she’ll send you out her decluttering manual