Who has a drawer full of junk in their kitchen?

Well, the author of this article is putting her hand up too. It’s the one with the gizmos and gadgets and widgets that I might need one day!

How about your cutlery drawer – is yours a random mess of silverware with that old avocado slicer you bought years ago and never use.

So, we’re here to help. Step by step, we can do this!

We recommend doing one drawer at a time, so why not start with the top – your silverware drawer, then work your way down to utensils.

Empty the drawer out completely. Clean it out with a little detergent and a damp cloth or vinegar and water. Reorganise with the fabulous bamboo drawer dividers from Howard’s Storage World (they’re spring-loaded to fit any space).

Make three piles – toss, relocate and keep.

What to toss:

+ Anything that doesn’t match a set

+ Anything broken or rusted

What to relocate/donate:

+ Random things you never use

+ Duplicated items that you have no need for

+ Unwieldy items that don’t fit in the space

What to keep:

+ This is where you can be more strategic to make the space work for you

+ Your top drawer should retain your matching cutlery (separated by drawer dividers, as well as some utensils on high rotation)

+ The second drawer should have a section for knives, one for salad/soup/cooking spoons, and one for spatulas (use the same drawer dividers mentioned above)

+ If you have a third drawer available, use it for utensils on lower rotation like your ice-cream scoop and whisk

Oh, we nearly forgot the doobywhacky drawer!

Once again, clear it out, wipe it down, get your drawer dividers and go through the process, keep, toss or relocate. You’ll be so glad you did.