Coronavirus has lead to so many changes, most of them not welcome.

But one change that quite a few working people we know have liked, is the fact that while we’ve been forced to work from home, many of us are loving it!

Along with the possibility that a large percentage of the workforce may continue to work (at least on a part time basis) from home, thoughts are starting to change on what home looks like for many Australians.

While the swing to the amenity-rich inner city will always remain strong, has the Great Australian Dream been reborn as a result of these changes that have been thrust upon us? Are we going to experience a resurgence in a desire for houses 5+ km away from the CBD, where the yards are big (Hill’s hoist included!), there’s plenty of space for a veggie patch, and that are more affordable?

This return to the simple, more humble life (brought on by coronavirus), has been eye-opening for some, who’ve forgotten the joy of a game of scrabble after dinner, and are relishing the slower pace (quite different from the daily grind!)

After this time has passed, will peoples’ values have changed so that they’re looking to ‘declutter’ their life and live more simply? If the answer is yes, will that also precipitate a change in housing due to the fact that we won’t need to be so close to so many services and activities? Time will tell, but until then, opening up more options to the Great Australian Dream of home ownership can only be a good thing.