Welcome to The H List, a place we share things we’re doing, watching, coveting or listening to right now. In this edition of The H List, we celebrate the small, simple stuff, reminded by the words of the great E. F. Schumacher “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”



Well, since we can’t have our Strawberry Sundaes at the Ekka this year, some kind folks have come to the rescue of this much-loved family tradition and are supplying Brisbane with their favourite once-a-year treat. The closest location to the H & H Inner North office is at Skygate. Race you there! (Please check google for open times)


This might not be what you expected in The H List, but we all loved this tv show so much – we feel the world needs to know about it! (It’s actually already a cult hit around the planet.) Mr Inbetween is a black comedy about a laconic aussie criminal who’s a friend, ex-husband, father and boyfriend. It’s bleak, but there’s so much depth to the main character (it’s pretty violent/gory at times too). Mindblowing sidenote: the show’s writer and actor (Ryan Scott) who plays the role of main character Ray Shoesmith never acted before (he has since won awards for his role), and he spent 22 years developing the script.


For a different perspective on life, go horse-riding. Thirty kilometres south of Gatton, you’ll find Fordsdale Farm, a picturesque piece of Australian countryside where you can go glamping, horse-riding and camping. Just what the doctor ordered.


Spanning 4 nights, The Ring Cycle an opera by Wagner, and brought to the Brisbane stage by visionary Chinese director, Shi-Zheng Chen, this epic is summed up in its promo with ‘As greed and violence threaten to destroy the heavens and earth, a glimmer of hope rises from an unexpected source.’ We think you’ll agree we need a hero! Sounds like a good show. (This one has no relation to the Schumacher quote, it’s going to be huge!)


Nyanda Tours invites visitors out for a guided tour by members of the Jagera people to Nudgee Waterhole Reserve for Aboriginal storytelling, smoke ceremony, bush food tasting, weaving and demonstrations. Tours operate Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1 pm and by appointment on Saturday and Sunday.