The banana split at The Eltham Hotel is something to behold in all its circa 1980 glory. A couple of us from H & H stayed at the pub overnight and indulged in the fancy treat (the brussels sprouts and steak are also highly recommended). The rooms are large and immaculately clean and Eltham’s a great spot for a short winter stay.


We just heard about the Scenic Rim Wine Festival. It’s being held on July 3rd at Aratula, a short drive from Brisbane, and promises to be a fabulous day out with cooking demonstrations, meeting local producers, and culminates in a tractor-pulling competition.


The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival is happening in Winton, AKA ‘Hollywood in The Outback’ because of several films being created there – Nick Cave’s Proposition, as well as Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road and Goldstone. It’s also the birthplace of Qantas and Australia’s Home of the Dinosaur. If you do get to go to the festival, please drop us a line and tell us all about it!


For something a little closer to home, we love Mosconi, a Fortitude Valley favourite. It’s been recently expanded (so you’ve got double the chance of getting in), but their friendly vibe and commitment to excellence remains the same. We love it here!


Having reached burn out at her previous job, the central character of There’s No Such Thing As An Easy Job reaches out to a recruiter to find a position that’s ‘very uneventful’. From watching surveillance tape of a man working from home to writing trivia to be printed on packets of rice crackers, the book’s protagonist starts to realise the universality of working life with some laughs, despair and plenty of interesting moments in between. Written by Kikuko Tsumura and translated by Polly Barton this one sounds like a good read to us!