A few of us at H & H have been enjoying Jay Shetty’s book, Think Like a Monk. It’s chock-a-block full of practical wisdom and he even has some thoughts on home styling too.

In the book he talks a little about locations having energy. You’d have heard of feng shui – many interior designers use feng shui principals in their work. For example, Marie Kondo and her art of tidying books focus very heavily on keeping things in their place.

Jay Shetty goes a step further and talks about the range of activities and environments we have in our homes and organising them into areas with single, clear purposes.

He relates his life in the ashram – they didn’t meditate where they slept, and they didn’t work in the refectory.

Jay suggests that watching tv in your bedroom is a confusion of energy and bringing those energies into your bedroom makes it more difficult to sleep there.

He says every home should have a place to eat, a place to sleep, a place to relax, a spot for watching tv, and if necessary, a place to work.

When styling your home for sale, these concepts enable the buyer to steer the senses away from stimuli that could make the mind react in ways that are hard to control. We want the buyer to see your bedroom as your bedroom, not as an entertainment area/bedroom.

In a home we recently styled, we convinced the homeowner to take her tv out of the living room, making it purely a space for relaxation. She had another space that was able to be set up as a media room. It made her living room so much larger, and gave it a clear, singular purpose (as well as a much calmer vibe).

Do drop us a line if we can be of service in defining your home’s spaces to entice more buyers and maximise your sold price. We look forward to the possibility of being of service to you.