Moving house can be so exciting. The idea of moving into a new space and making it your own is enough to set off the butterflies in anyone’s stomach, but in order to set up that dreamy, homey space, you actually have to… well, move.

The process of relocating from one home to another is stressful, to say the least. Fortunately, the team at H & H are here with the ultimate moving checklist to make your next move easier. So, you can sit back and start imagining the best way to set up your gallery wall; we’ve got your to-do list covered.

The lead-up to moving day can seem more stressful than the day itself. There’s so much to plan and prepare; for a few days, you’re left feeling unsettled and all over the place. Hopefully, this comprehensive pre-moving day checklist helps you feel a little more grounded in the days and weeks before your move.

  • Create a budget for moving expenses
  • Shop around for removalist quotes
  • Book a removalist
  • Get time off work to move (Fridays are the best!)
  • Declutter as much as you can; if you don’t use it, don’t pack it and bring it with you
  • Collect packing boxes and crates
  • Create an inventory of all your items (including where you want them to go in the new house)
  • Carefully disassemble furniture, keeping all the tools and hardware together
  • Get quotes for a clean of your old home
  • If you’re moving to a new city, find new schools, doctors, vets, and other professionals
  • Transfer all utilities to the new address
  • Put aside items you use every day and pack everything else away in clearly labelled boxes
  • Organise a gardener to tidy up the lawns and gardens before you leave
  • Organise a babysitter and/or pet sitter for moving day. Whether they walk on two legs or four, the last thing you need is little ones getting in the way all day
  • Organise last-minute maintenance. If you’ve been renting, fix up chipped paint and fill in any nail holes
  • Start using all your freezer and fridge food; it’s way easier than storing it in a friend’s fridge for the day
  • Take measurements of the new house to make sure everything will fit the way you plan
  • Collect the keys to the new place
  • Make sure your new home is clean and ready to go!
  • Put an ‘essentials’ kit together for moving day. It should contain everything you’ll need for 24-48 hours, including toiletries, clothes, towels, and your devices

Moving Day
It’s here, the day is finally here; it’s go-time. Make sure you’ve checked off every box by the end of the day!

  • Unplug the fridge and freezer the night before so they can drain
  • Meet with your removalists and outline how you’d like the day to proceed
  • Monitor the move; if you can have one person at the old house and one at the new home to guide the removalists, the process will be far quicker
  • Give the removalists a tour of the home, pointing out access points for the truck
  • Advise the removalists of all access points at the new house
  • Carry all expensive/important items yourself, including jewellery, devices, and important documents
  • Do a final walk-through to make sure everything has been packed and taken
  • Disconnect any utilities
  • Lock the old house
  • Make sure power, gas, and the internet have all been connected at your new home
  • If you’ve moved into a rental property, complete the condition report
  • Reassemble your furniture, starting with your bed; trust us, you’ll want a well-earned nap!

Now that most of the stress is over and done with, there are a few last-minute things to wrap up before you can dust off your hands and enjoy your new home.

  • Let the cleaners and gardeners into your old property to make sure it’s ready to hand back
  • Give the keys to the new occupants
  • Change your address with all relevant parties, including your work, the bank, the electoral commission, educational institutions, and on your license. If you’re worried, you’ve forgotten any, organise to have your mail forwarded for a short while.
  • Donate any leftover moving boxes
  • Sell or donate any unwanted items you missed while decluttering
  • Meet the neighbours
  • Explore your new neighbourhood!