While entertaining at home seems to be the new black, here are some tips so you can avoid spilt drinks and anchor your outdoor setting with the right coffee table.

First get the shape right – round is on trend right now and it makes sense – no sharp corners to bang your legs into, and round provides better use of space in a smaller area so there’s less bumping or crowding when you or your guests sit down.

They also create visual flow, giving a psychological feeling of more space (which is always handy whether inside or out!)

Secondly, choose the materials carefully. Timber will weather if it’s left unsealed, while metal finishes might be problematic near the sea. One mistake that many make is matching their coffee table to the chairs. Decorators advise that this can look outdated and that it’s more pleasing to the eye to have a different material for your coffee table.

Another point to be aware of is the smoothness of the table surface. Wicker can be hazardous to your pinot noir with its uneven surface. And keep in mind other options like round tables that overlap and can be separated as needed.

Now, where to find your perfect coffee table. The grey terrazzo table pictured – similar can be found at online retailer CB2; the other two are from Cotswold, an iconic Australian retailer of outdoor furniture.

If the budget allows, add in a couple of side tables. St Barts in Fortitude Valley have some fabulous timber stools that double as side tables instore now.

We hope you enjoy entertaining in the great outdoors!