Should I sell my current property before looking to buy a new one?

Whether or not you should sell your old property first will depend on your individual situation. If you need the capital to pay the deposit on the new house, it may be a good idea to look at selling first. However, if you’ve got a deposit already, you can take your time in selling your old property. At H & H, we specialise in finding the perfect buyer for your home. We strive to get you the best price for your property so you can look at securing your dream home.

How do you evaluate how much my property is worth?

At H & H, it’s important to us that you have an accurate idea of what your property is worth. That’s why we offer our free market appraisal. In this appraisal, we look at 10 key points to evaluate your property.

  • Location
  • Improvements
  • Maintenance
  • Presentation
  • Neighbourhood
  • Market conditions
  • Market trends
  • Recent sale
  • Supply vs demand
  • The X Factor

How long will it take to sell my house?

That depends on a few things like location, price, supply and demand, and current market trends. At H & H, we aim to sell your property as quickly as we can while simultaneously finding you the best buyer willing to pay the best price.

What’s the difference between a private treaty and auction?

Private treaty is where the owner sets a price for their property and people place offers based on this price. The seller will then wait for the best offer to come through. An auction is where the property is marketed without a price. Interested buyers will then meet at a pre-determined time to bid on the property. The highest bidder (assuming the reserve price is met) is able to purchase the property.

Should I sell by private treaty or by auction?

Every sale is different, so this needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis. We essentially want to attract as many potential buyers as possible so you get as many offers as possible. If you’re choosing to go for an auction, you won’t have to advertise the price of your property. This means you could get offers well above what you were expecting. It could also mean that bidding doesn’t reach the reserve price (the price you set for sale). In this case, at least it gives you a clear insight into how the market sees your property.

If you choose to list your property through private treaty, your agent needs to correctly value the worth of your property. An accurately priced property will attract offers and result in a quick, efficient sale.

Can I sell my property if it is currently leased?

Yes, you can. The lease will continue for the tenants unless otherwise stated in their contract. So, the new owners will collect their rental payments.

How would H & H sell my property?

H & H recognise that each of our clients is unique. Every person has a different reason for selling their property and every person is looking for a different outcome. That’s why we believe in tailoring our plan to you personally. From the very beginning, we listen to you to understand your motives and your desired outcomes so we can market your property correctly.

We use our extensive marketing expertise to attract the highest number of inspections possible. We then follow up on these and get as many written offers in front of you as we can. This means you have choices when it comes to the sale of your home. We’ll involve you every step of the way and you’ll always know what’s happening and why.

How should I present my home for sale?

On our initial market appraisal, we’ll discuss with you areas of the property we believe could do with a bit of TLC. We do this so you can have the best chance of selling your property for the highest possible price. Make sure the paint on both the interior and exterior are looking good, the garden is neat and tidy, and that your property’s curb appeal is fantastic.

When it comes to the inside of the property, it’s important that potential buyers can picture themselves living in the property. Make sure the space is inviting, open, and not too cluttered. At H & H we offer both decluttering services and in-house styling to help you accentuate your property’s wow-factor.

Should I organise building and pest inspections?

No, the buyers are responsible for organising these inspections. You will, however, have to ensure the property is available for these inspections to occur.

What are the costs involved in selling my property?

  • Capital gains tax (if you sell for a profit)
  • Real estate agent fees
  • Additional marketing fees (if you want to take out a two-page spread or have a video filmed to help market your property)
  • Legal fees
  • Renovation or maintenance costs