For your buyer, it’s the emotion-driven price they’re willing to pay. This is a peak motivation moment for the buyer resulting in them outbidding the competition, sometimes significantly. In other words, they just have to have it regardless of spending extra $$$.

For you, the seller, it means getting the amount of money that outweighs the desire to retain your property. Simply put, it’s the amount that has you walking away from the sale with a big smile on your face.

Here at Hutton & Hutton, we have one of THE hardest-working teams of agents in Brisbane, all of whom are dedicated and motivated with an incomparable knowledge of the markets in which they work. The team is lead by CEO Peter Hutton, a highly respected agent with decades of experience in achieving ‘The Love Price’ for his clients. Peter Hutton wrote the book on ‘The Love Price’. That’s right, the actual book. If anyone knows how to get ‘The Love Price’ for you, it’s H & H.


At H & H, we understand that one method of selling real estate does not fit all. Same goes for how you advertise a property. So we’ve drawn upon 25 years of Peter and Karen Hutton’s extensive industry experience to create a range of innovative property sales and marketing solutions.

We offer property-centric, market-centric and client-centric, tailored marketing campaigns and comprehensive advice on how to best present your property for sale.

If we think your property is best suited to sell by auction, we'll recommend that. If we think your property is NOT suited to auction we'll tell you so. Fact is, not all properties sell well by auction. Choosing the best method of sale that best fits you and your property is critically important.

The way properties are found by buyers has changed. It's fair to say, print marketing is dead. It's expensive and doesn't have the reach or impact like it did five years ago. Marketing property today is best done digitally. It's less expensive and gets seen by more buyers.

Our 'Demographic-Hyper-Targeted' digital marketing gets your property seen by more buyers. For example: in 2020, buyers saw our 'click-bait' social media property ads over 3,000,000 times. This resulted in 39,690 ad clicks. That's a huge amount of buyer activity per listing at a fraction of print media ads! More buyers means more inspections of your property so you get more offers and that will always produce the best result.

114,000 visits to our website over the past 12 months

60,677 buyers in our database

3,020,129 social media ad views over the past 12 months

39,690 buyer clicks on our social media ads over the past 12 months



Practically every agent out there will offer you a plan of sorts to sell your property. There’s nothing unique about that. The question you need to be asking is this; is this a one-size-fits-all plan they use to sell every property that comes their way? Or are they going to take the time to understand my property and my needs to develop a tailored plan?

The thing is, the one-size fits-all plan doesn’t take into consideration you and your property’s uniqueness. Fact is, no two properties are exactly alike and no two sellers are exactly alike. That’s why we take the time to understand your property, your goals, your concerns, what you do want and what you don’t want. We want to communicate and work with you to ensure your peace of mind, and that all starts with a strategic, customised plan of attack.


When selecting an agent to sell your property, will you choose them on the things they can control, like their marketing, their database, calling back buyers, and their ability to negotiate hard for you? Or will you pick the agent on the things the agent can’t control such as the price they boldly assert they’ll get you?

Be warned, choosing an agent just because they tell you a price you want to hear is the oldest con-job in real estate. We’ll give you a clear and concise Comparable Market Analysis (‘CMA’) which won’t be inflated to buy your listing. It’ll be realistic and well-evidenced.


We all know presentation is everything. However, there’s an art to it. There’s definitely a ‘right way’ and a ‘wrong way’ to stage your property for sale.

The ‘wrong way’ is to make your property look like a display home. This makes it look a little too perfect in an unlived and obviously staged way leaving your buyers cold. The other common mistake is getting the ‘styling-emphasis’ wrong, our in-house staging expert can help you avoid these costly pitfalls.

The ‘right way’ is to create an inviting space with a WOW factor that inspires buyers and engages their imagination so they see themselves living there. When that happens emotions are running high resulting in buyers moving quickly to purchase your property. It turns on their buying switch.


We start with the buyer in mind first. Who’s going to buy the property? Where do they live now? What will they love about your property? Why will they want to buy it? What marketing channels are they looking in to find their next home (such as realestate.com.au, Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram etc).

All these questions get answered first before a cent is spent on advertising. At H & H we promote our listings strategically to maximise the number of correctly matched buyers to your property.

If there was one thing that has the biggest impact on your property it is this: the speed and number of buyers inspecting your property determines the number of offers you receive. At H & H our number 1 priority is getting you buyer inspections and offers, the more the better.


Finally, the quality of the sales pitch being made by your agent to your buyers will significantly influence the offers or bids you receive.

At H & H our agents throw the old one-way conversation full of preprepared canned dialogue and superlative-laden sales speak out the window. Instead, we initiate a collaborative conversation, where we make sure we listen and learn as much as we speak.

We make sure we get to know your buyer, we find out what their ‘BIG why’ is and what their motivation is so we can work toward getting you ‘The LOVE Price’ as quickly as possible.

Our pitch strategy is designed to get more buyers to the negotiation table sooner, encourage multiple offers and competitive bidding which drives up the price.

Our Guarantee

A tailored, ‘Demographic-Hyper-Targeted’ digital marketing campaign and a sales method that’s the best fit for you and your property.

More buyers finding your property means more buyer inspections so you can get a higher number of offers, a higher price and a faster sale.

A more human approach to selling your property. You’re important to us and you deserve to be treated as such.

H&H Comes Recommended

As we found out nothing was too much trouble. These guys were always presented a confident and professional manner. This was how the property was sold for a good price in a very short time. We would not hesitate in recommending H and H to anyone wanting to buy or sell real estate.

John S.

Impressed by their friendly approach

We recently sold our townhouse which was in a desirable location, but were not sure of what sale price should be set. A friend who had very extensive experience in real estate matters recommended that we speak to the H and H team about the sale. We were impressed by their friendly approach which would make prospective buyers feel at ease.

Laurie & Nola Harrison

Sold for more than what the previous agent presented me with

H & H’s knowledge of the local Ascot market is exceptional. Their social media campaign and data base of potential buyers allowed for a sale in under a week, amazing considering my property had been on the market with a local agency for 4 months without a contract. And the price I sold at was above all of the verbal offers I had got from the previous agency. Hutton and Hutton’s marketing package is relatively low low cost and produced an immediate result.

Bill Stewart - Ascot

We sold in under a week for a record price!

The entire sales team at H & H did excellent work for us. My former husband and I recently sold the property we own together (and I still live in) with Hutton & Hutton Inner North. At the same time I was working full time while juggling pets and open for inspections! It had the potential to be a very stressful situation but Peter, Angelo and Karen were so helpful and efficient. I was very impressed by their professionalism and kindness. They are a wonderful team and their skills really compliment each other. Plus we sold in under week for a record price!

Tineke Harding - New Farm

3 written offers in the first week

The H & H team were hard working and prompt in answering queries, organising pre-sale “things to do” and communicating interest from several potential buyers which resulted in 3 written offers in the first week, and a sale in a short period of time and at a price I was most happy with.

Andrew Lee - seller of a luxury apartment

Coffee King recommends H & H

Peter and his team are fantastic to deal with from A to Z. They were professional and hard-working and they made sure that they didn’t waste my time which I really appreciate it. I have no issues in recommending them very highly at what they do.

Phillip Di Bella - seller of a luxury home

Above all else they have integrity

A pleasant experience. The H & H team are the utmost professional and are very experienced and knowledgeable. They were attentive to market factors and attune to what prospective buyers tell them, both in what they say and how they behave. Our agent at H & H was great at negotiation. Adept at teasing out buyer positions and "reading the tea leaves". I would have no hesitation in using H & H again because above all else they have integrity.

James Daniel - Lawyer

Yes, I'd like to talk to an H & H agent about selling my home