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“We’ve listed with Peter Hutton three times now over the past 15 years – each time he has got us the full list price within a couple of weeks of going onto the market. The last property Peter sold for us was a 3-bedroom apartment on the river in Hamilton. Peter got us $1,900,000 within two days of going to the market. That was a record price, post the GFC, for the building. Thanks to Peter, we definitely got ‘The LOVE Price’ for our apartment. If you want an agent who really knows what they’re doing and will be honest and direct with you, you should talk to Peter. He’s a very nice guy and he’ll look after you.” — JOHN & MARGOT WEDDERBURN [HAMILTON APARTMENT SELLERS]

Free Book Shows Property
Sellers How To Summon The
Power Of Emotion to Achieve
a Better Result In Less Time

Get ready to discover exactly how to sell your property for the highest possible price in less time and experience a rewarding real estate solution.

In this easy to read book the author, Peter Hutton, shares his 20+ years real estate experience and over 1,000 successful property sales in a refreshingly direct, tell-all approach.


“I interviewed many generic real estate agents from the big franchise agency groups who valued my apartment almost $100,000 below what Peter Hutton successfully achieved – and he sold it at the first open inspection. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to sell your property and confident that he will get you ‘The LOVE Price’ as he did for me.” — ANNA ADAMS [SPRING HILL APARTMENT SELLER]

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Why You Need This [FREE] Book

You’ll discover . . .

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Open Home Presentation (learn why you need to avoid the agent with the ‘tight schedule’)
  • The 6 Dynamics that Influence the ‘Sold Price’ of your home (discover why similar properties don’t sell for similar prices!)
  • The 5 ‘Negotiation-Advantages’ that gives you the upper hand (as well as crucial info on dealing with early offers)
  • How to Choose the Best Method of Sale for You and Your Property (critical info for every home owner)
  • The 3 BIG Things to Consider Before Locking in Your Online Advertising Campaign (learn where emotionally-motivated buyers are searching for your property – in more places than you’d think!)

You need The Love Price to learn how to avoid making mistakes when selling your property that might lead to the loss of tens of thousands of dollars.

“We had our 3-bedroom apartment on the river at New Farm on the market for $1,295,000 with another agent for three months without receiving a single written offer and only one buyer showed interest at a greatly reduced price during that time. When we heard Peter Hutton was back we listed it with him. He showed us his 5-step process he’d take to get us the ‘The LOVE Price’. Within a week of it being on the market, Peter had it sold for $1,300,000! That’s more than we were asking. ‘The LOVE Price’ process really worked. He is the best agent in New Farm we’ve ever dealt with.” — VERNON HOPKINS [NEW FARM APARTMENT SELLER]

Plus, included in the book, “21 QUESTIONS TO UNCOVER THE AGENT BEST SUITED TO GETTING YOU ‘THE LOVE PRICE’ FOR YOUR HOME”. This is an invaluable resource that will help you select the best agent.

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