At H & H, we pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time with convoluted conversations and infuriating jargon intended to confuse. We value transparency in everything we do, so you know you can trust us to tell you the truth.

In a bid to bring humanity back to real estate, we’ve created 11 “human” commandments in a manifesto we aim to live and work by. It’s called the “More Human” Manifesto.

The new manifesto was a conscious effort to try and bring honesty, humanity and kindness back into the real estate industry. Peter Hutton, said the manifesto was created to remind our people what the business truly stands for. If that resonates with you, more the reason why we need to talk.

When we started this agency, we thought of ourselves as going into the business of people, not so much the business of real estate. So, whenever we see articles claiming real estate agents are one of Australia’s least trusted professions, it honestly breaks our hearts.

Finally, we’re the most driven group of people you’re ever likely to meet. Our combined experience and passion for real estate has culminated in the finest sales and property management teams this city has seen. Our passion for what we do translates into results and is the reason our little business is slowly becoming not-so-little.

Is this for you?

If you’re someone who is never content to settle and are always seeking the chance to push the boundaries of your career by growing your name, your brand, and your horizons, we want to meet you. We have room on our fast-growing team in the Inner-North and Inner-East of Brisbane for Lead Agents, and we’d love to see more driven, honest, passionate people joining the H & H team.

What you will get…

— The opportunity for growth in a rapidly expanding business

— Above average commission-split* from 60% up to 80%

— Debit/credit above award base wage

— One-on-one learning and training with the agent who wrote the book on property marketing, Peter Hutton

— Excellent work/life balance and work-to-your-speed flexibility

— Sophisticated cloud based systems mean you can work-from-home, if you want to, otherwise we have a desk waiting for you in either our Inner-East office at Hawthorne or Inner-North office at New Farm

— A fun, dynamic work environment within a family business where kindness and respect towards each other are key attributes of every colleague

— A supportive workplace in which dream-chasing, goal-smashing, and success-celebrating is enthusiastically encouraged

— 90 Day Success Road Map Plan and Workbook

— 5 Step Growth Pathway that can lead to you partnering in a H & H office

— Most advanced CRM software – Includes an Open Home Kiosk, automated EDM Marketing Software

— Full access to RPData, Pricefinder and Realworks

— Web-based listing proposal creation software

— A pre-list kit better than your competitors that helps you get more listings

— Social media advertising platform

— Free unlimited graphic design for self-promotion campaigns

— Full Contract and VPA Sales administration

— Full property marketing design support – includes copy writing, signage and brochure design

— Editorial creation and submission by our mass media marketing dept

*denotes the percentage share of the office commission

Alternatively, if you’re someone who wants to prove to yourself and the world that your ambition knows no borders and that you can achieve anything, there are H & H Business Ownership Opportunities.

To enquire, please contact H & H CEO Peter Hutton on 0488 018 170.

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