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At H & H, we have a culture of personal growth and a belief you can have it all and have it now. We believe the most important thing to be successful in real estate is to make your life about your personal growth. Your real estate career at H & H simply becomes the vehicle for your growth.

At H & H we help you achieve your goals by supporting you with ‘personal growth’ mentoring, coaching, counselling, and training, and that goes for all dimensions of your growth (not just your career and how much GCI you want to write) – your health, your relationships, your self-esteem, the fun you want, your dream holidays, your wealth creation, your practises of meditation, yoga, fitness, and healthy eating. You’ll know it as work-life-balance. We know it as agent wellbeing. (Opening September 2022, H & H HQ and Agent Wellbeing Centre, The Rectory, 141 Brookes St, Fortitude Valley.)


We reduce the competition from other agents and agencies so that you win more listings. H & H agents, like Lauren McHutchison, who move from a big franchise brand to H & H have doubled their business in under a year because of this one point of difference alone. We did that for Lauren, and we can do it for you. Here’s how:

  1. At H & H you won’t be competing with any other H & H agent or your selling Principal. We have a unique ‘Area Specialist’ non-compete model that ensures you’ll have zero competitors from within H & H.
  2. The H & H boutique brand and our fresh ‘lifestyle designer-esqe’ marketing makes you instantly different from the old franchise brands. Helping you stand out is one of our super powers.


You could say H & H is an agency in the cloud. Everything you need to be insanely successful in real estate is provided in person in one of our offices or remotely, your choice. It’s a full on done-for-you 5 Star Cloud Based Support Service.

There’s not enough room here to list everything we do for you by way of support. Let’s just call it the ‘42 Support Touchpoints’. And it’s a level of support unique to H & H. Here’s a taste of what we’ll be doing for you, and this is just 1 of 42 support touchpoints: we have a very sophisticated piece of tech that automates posting of ‘Just Listed’, ‘Just Sold’, ‘Open Home Times’, ‘Testimonials’ and best of all, ‘Free Appraisal Ads’ to your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. That one small aspect of support, turns out to be a huge saving of time for you. About 6 hours a week. Plus, the quality of the graphic design of these social media posts, just makes you look better and that makes you stand out more.


It sucks to be on a sales roller coaster, right? But you don’t have to be. Using your score from our unique ‘Agent Performance Scorecard’ questionnaire as your initial baseline, we’ll provide you with tailor-made coaching and a success plan that includes quick performance fixes which specifically address your weaker aspects of your scorecard. It’s designed for you so you get better and better.

Getting off the roller coaster also comes not just from coaching but also training. Lots of it and regularly. At H & H we expose you to the best of the best real estate trainers in Australia. They include Josh Phegan, Tom Panos, Caroline Bolderston, Darren Saunderson and Kara Johnson.

Doubled my business, doubled my listings!!

Moving to H & H was the best career move I could have made. I had plateaued and wasn’t getting the support I needed to take my business to the next level. In less than 6 months with H & H - I had doubled my business, doubled my listings and even opened up my own office! The culture is something I’ve never experienced - we all want to succeed and we all support each other and challenge each other to push through the glass ceiling. Bring on many years to come!

Lauren McHutchison

A culture of support

Moving agencies was one of the toughest career moves I’ve made and it took a lot to make even consider the move. What I love about my new home at H & H is: a culture of support and investment in time and resources to ensure my success and elevation me to new levels of achievement; a commitment to me - not only as an agent, but as a person and team member whose contribution is valued; the ability to effect the direction of decisions in the business and be listened to; a culture of collegiality and contribution to each persons success as a team commitment.

Deb Maguire

Best quality marketing in the business!

Before moving to H&H I felt as if the brand I was working under placed a ceiling on my growth, which I had reached. H&H enabled me to not only grow as an individual but my business also. I went from a team of 2 to over 12 within a matter of 3 years, opening my own office along the way. Aside from having the best quality marketing in the business, the support is second to none!

Jarrod Perry

I just love working with this group!

My experience of working under the banner of Hutton and Hutton has been one of support, education & fun!! It’s a collegiate environment which fosters cooperation between all agents, support staff & marketing team. We celebrate each other’s successes & it feels like generosity is a shared valued between us all. I just love working with this group!

Allie Coutts

Increased my GCI every quarter.

The drive and commitment from Peter & Karen is the most inspiring reason for why I wanted to join the team. I've gone from strength to strength since joining H & H, increasing my GCI each quarter. H&H is truly an agency where you can form your identity and character, and grow within a spirited and well respected team.

Angelo Zardo

Taken my business to the next level

The quality of the H&H brand has really helped me take my business to the next level. The consistent training and support provided has been fantastic, it’s refreshing to be a part of a business that is genuinely interested in my personal and professional development.

Jason Chave

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