We're Boutique but on an agent per agency basis, we're killing the competition.

We’re currently ranked in the TOP 15 agencies in Brisbane out of 465 agencies (source: REA). Not bad considering our size. It’s why people are calling us as the small GIANTS in the Brisbane real estate scene. We’re not a BIG agency (not yet). We are as boutique as you get. And we are really, really great at what we do. It’s our giant-killing marketing prowess combined with our all-digital-agency expertise, a massive contacts database and a data-driven approach that makes our agents and their client’s properties stand out in a sea of sameness. That’s how we get high prices for our sellers. That’s how we beat the competition. That’s why agents who join H & H choose greatness over bigness.

We’ll do that for you too.

What you get with us



$250K – $500K GCI


Keep 75%



$501K – $1.0M GCI


Keep 80%



$1.0M – $2.0M GCI


Keep 85%



Over $2M GCI


Keep 92%

Our partners receive complete end-to-end support from personal branding, bespoke property marketing H & H is famous for, through to VPA administration, form 6 and contract administration and compliance. Combined with an industry leading completely integrated tech stack that includes Ai lead generation and then add in no-charge ‘hot-desking’ at our centrally located, agent and operations hub in the iconic state heritage listed ‘Holy Trinity Rectory’ in Fortitude Valley. This is 5 Star support.

Here's how...


We reduce the competition from other agents and agencies so that you win more listings. H & H agents, like Allie, who move from a local agency office to H & H have doubled their business because of this one point of difference alone. We did that for Allie, and we can do it for you. Here’s how:

  1. At H & H you won’t be competing with any other H & H agent or your selling Principal. We have a unique ‘Area Specialist’ non-compete model that ensures you’ll have zero competitors from within H & H.
  2. The H & H boutique brand and our fresh ‘lifestyle designer-esqe’ marketing makes you instantly different from the same-old same-old franchise brands. Helping you stand out is one of our super powers.


You could say H & H is an agency in the cloud. Everything you need to be insanely successful in real estate is provided in person at our hub in Fortitude Valley or remotely, your choice. We started our ‘digital agency’ journey in 2001, a lot has changed since and it continues to change at a rapid rate.

We’ve created a unique integration of all of the operating systems you’ll need to grow your business easily and fast. Our purpose is to provide you with a digital point of sale experience, creating a seamless end to end solution with everything flowing smoothly so that you can list and sell more property.

Yes! I'm curious to see how partnering with H & H could work for me.

Hi there. Peter Hutton here. If it's time for you to consider your future and your partnership options, I can be your sounding board. I'll keep this call short and 100% discreet. Just you and me chatting about your options and possibilities. Complete the form, and I'll call you - this will be great!