An unexpected element of surprise can work beautifully in a living room or bedroom to draw the eye through the space. It helps give a sense of drama and a focal point, as well as an uncommon approach to styling. In my bedroom I have a piece by artist Jai Vasicek, propped up against the wall beside a chair.

(Credit: Crew on Unsplash) Don’t be afraid to play around when styling a space

Here are 3 HOT Property Styling Tips to Selecting a Statement Piece…

  1. Be daring with colour. Painting a wall or a room in a different shade is one of the easiest ways to make a splash. One colour that’s making a noise in the world of interiors at the moment is black. Used judiciously, black can add a sophisticated element to enhance what’s within a space.
  2. Hang Dramatic Art. A home with a lack of art is a sad home indeed. And when we’re talking about adding drama through art, don’t be afraid to go big. When choosing art for my home I have to ‘fall in love’ with the piece first. It has to make me feel like I can’t live without it. I’ll then find a spot for it, rather than the other way around (looking for something when there’s a spot to fill). But when selling your home, there are some fabulous suppliers of art (and some will even hang it for you too).
  3. Adding Life with Accessories. Rugs, books, flowers and other decorative items can make or break a room. When selling your home, sometimes the key here is to pare back. Recently a client whose home I styled had way too many rugs and other knick knacks. By decluttering, I was able to create a much more spacious feel, and then with the addition of a few sculptural accessories, a new look was created, leading to a sale in under a week.