Jarrod Perry, H & H Inner East Principal has been selling up a storm all over Brisbane in project sales.

Saccharo, St Lucia – sold out, total value $16,000,000

Gem Rd, Kenmore – sold out, total value $13,000,000

Wynnum Apartments – $10,000,000 in sales across three buildings

Tarana St, Camp Hill Townhomes – 5 under contract (one left there – the project launched two weeks ago). Gemma Kunst assisting on this great project

IVIE, Greenslopes – 5 Townhomes, sold out in 3 months, Gemma Kunst assisted on this one too

Meanwhile, a highlight of Peter Hutton’s 2020 year of project sales (total $20m+) was selling the highest-priced, off-the-plan, non-riverfront property (that’s a lot of adjectives!) – a New Farm penthouse for $5,750,000.

Elisa McMahon, since joining H & H late last year has also launched with a bang in off-the-plan sales, with one unconditional sale and four under contract in London Residences West End, one under contract in Newstead and one under contract in Lutwyche.

Of course, the biggest kudos goes to all the incredible developers we get to work with for bringing these stunning properties from the drawing board to life. Not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination.

The parts we love best are working with buyers who’ve been planning their move for usually quite a while, as well as amplifying our listings to get them in front of more eyeballs than we ever thought possible.

But it’s not just about attracting the eyeballs and getting buyers through the door, it’s about maximising the enquiry-to-purchase ratio, giving developers even greater value.

How does a salesperson sell something worth $2,000,000+, that only exists on paper, to a stranger?

The steps are unique for each buyer, but first there’s building trust, helping them discover their what they’re after and advising why our offering is uniquely positioned to address their needs.

The internet age has brought the level of information provided to buyers to an all-time high. Buyers have more choices than ever before. The new role for salespeople is in navigating clients through the decision-making process.

To be successful, project sales agents need to provide value in the buying experience beyond product knowledge.

If you’re wanting to be kept in the loop regarding projects the H & H team are launching, you can leave your details here, or if you’re a developer looking for greater value (especially in enquiry-to-purchase ratio) in a marketing team, contact Peter Hutton.