Being in nature drops our cortisol levels, makes us calmer, reduces anxiety and improves our mood. It’s a physical yearning. We’re hungry for the experience of what the outdoors brings to us. Particularly when we’ve been cooped up inside.

So, we know the benefits of having plants inside, but have you thought about the right planter to elevate the look and feel to create something that feels special and personal?

There are so many options from grouping pots together to create a mini-landscape or utilising a single plant in a carefully chosen pot that provides all the benefits of a flower arrangement but is way more permanent.


Further enhancements include dressing up the soil with moss or pebbles, while plain old coconut fibre can also add a designer touch.

You can relive the 70’s with macramé hangers (we saw one recently made of rope to house a gigantic stainless steel bowl for ice and drinks!) and self-watering pots come in all sorts of modern designs for those lacking the proverbial green thumb.

Turn your pot shopping into an opportunity to support the locals! Maybe you have a potter in your area who creates handmade pots – they’ll be bursting with character plus you can feel good knowing you’ve supported the arts.

‘What grows well indoors?’ we hear you wondering. Here are our top three:

Of course, our emblem the Monstera Deliciosa is an easy one for indoors – water it once a week and it likes a warm room.

We also love the Peace Lily (also called Madonna Lily). With its emerald green leaves and white flower, a bonus of this gorgeous indoor plant is that it helps remove ammonia from the air.

Our third favourite is the on-trend Pothos. It’s a fast-growing vine with heart-shaped leaves, and it seems to thrive under any conditions!

*All images taken at Lilipollen New Farm