Okay, so you like to leave things to the last minute, don’t worry we get it and we got you.

Now, it’s very easy to look up places to go in Brisbane for NYE – you’ll get dozens of lists of great places out, bars and restaurants who will be holding NYE parties this year.

If that’s what you’re chasing, then type in NYE in Brisbane – and you’ll get the goods.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, and your brain has started shutting down from the busy end to the year, here’s our H List for NYE the H-Way.


  • West End Hill – always has crowds from the West End populous gathering here, bring a blanket, an esky, some cheese and crackers and settle in to watch the fire works, listing to some live music (if you’re lucky – usually musical locals will have a jam)
  • Yes, we all know about the Southbank events, but do you remember its forgotten sister – Kangaroo Cliffs? Perfect spot for a picnic and a bit quieter than the hustle and bustle of South Bank. Where you can watch the sun set and bring on the new year while enjoying one of Brisbane’s most spectacular views plus fireworks!
  • Go seaside, and head to Manly Harbour – lot’s of free activities, including a free outdoor movie screening of ABBA starting at 7pm
  • Alternatively – if you’re a North-sider, head up to Redcliffe for the Redcliffe Markets & NYE party – including a sideshow alley for the kids, food stalls & seaside entertainment
  • Pack your bag with the essentials, including a deck of cards, then have a day soaking in Brisbane’s art culture by exploring <play/ground> an outdoor gallery, stop off at a few bars along the way, and settle in at one of these parks to play some games while you enjoy time with your mates or loves ones


  • So everyone’s gone away, it’s just you home alone, maybe with a furry friend. Well we think that’s perfect, time to treat yourself – plan a party for yourself. Get your favourite food, make the house bright and exciting, pop on your favourite Spotify playlist, get your journal out and reflect on the year you’ve had, while creating some choices for the year to come – get ceremonial with it. Have a little boogie – because literally no one is watching, then settle in to your favourite movie and say goodbye to the year – who says you have to stay up till midnight?
  • Games day with the family: this is easy, create a games tournament, there’s cards, boardgames, cricket, scavenger hunts, dress up party (best dressed), make your own pizza (best pizza), dance-off, the games are endless.

Well that was our top 7 ideas to help you out. We hope you enjoy it, and if there’s something you’ve done outside of this that we should know for next year – send us a message!