This is one of the elements H & H use to cut through the clutter and capture your buyer’s attention.

It goes without saying that superior presentation will result in a premium price being achieved in the shortest possible time frame.

The hero shot has to show lifestyle, and have as much space as possible.

Tips for the best hero shot:

+ Always use a professional photographer, no matter how inexpensive the property is

+ Key images are the kitchen, living areas, view and the exterior. The relationship between areas is important. For example – demonstrate the flow from the living to kitchen, or indoor to outdoor entertainment areas

+ Twilight images can really enhance your property. The most amazing shots can be taken during “the magic hour”, when the sun is setting, and the sky turns that deep blue. That’s when you’ll get the most vivid colours in the sky, interior and exterior, and really see the details in the property’s own lighting. There’s a psychological reason behind why people’s imaginations are captured by twilight photography. You see, primitive man sought shelter for the evening as the sun went down – they would light their fire and settle in for the night. Photographing a home at the magic hour draws on thousands of years of primal need. Show a home at the magic hour and people want to live there. Modern man also relates the twilight hour as a time to go home, settle and relax. Make use of this little-known psychological fact in your photography. Also, note that true dusk shots are always better than ‘day to dusk’ shots (where twilight colours are photoshopped in). This is because the ‘day to dusk’ shots won’t capture your home’s lighting correctly, giving a flat look to the images.

Make sure your photographer is using top equipment.

The quality of the photographic equipment is the key to clarity, colour saturation and the brightness of the images.

Some photographers digitally add in brightness after the shot has been taken to enhance the shot. This results in poorer quality images.

Your photographer should have these items of equipment to take premium images:

+ Wide angle lens: These allow photos that make rooms look large and spacious without distortion or unrealistic proportions

+ A tripod: A pro photographer would never use a hand-held

+ An off-camera flash: A pop-up flash simply won’t cut it. This is one of the most important tools in real estate photography. (Info from