Angelo Zardo recently sold a third floor apartment in Duo, near New Farm Park, for a record-setting $820,000. Adding to the delight of his vendors, two strong contracts were presented in 14 days of the property being launched.

So how did he do it?

The vendor was attracted to H & H after conducting some thorough research. He wanted an agent with an intimate connection to the Cutters Landing precinct, as well as a strong brand presence and it goes without saying, results. The owner understood the importance of taking his property to market to create competition and maximise his sale price. Spending a little over $4,000 on marketing was instrumental to achieving this outcome.

What really sold the vendors on H & H, and made Angelo the obvious choice, was the customised selling process – and how it worked on our previous listings to achieve high prices in the shortest period of time. That was the most important thing to Robert. His motivation was to get ‘The Love Price‘ and as quickly as possible, finance his next move. Angelo achieved both!!

With an average of 15 groups at every open, and around 50 people coming through the property over three weeks, two contracts were presented to the owner within 14 days. This was a result of stunning marketing; strategic pricing that works to increase, not decrease the sold figure; intensive buyer follow-up; and earning the position of trusted advisor to the vendor.


– 16/21 Dixon Street, New Farm – $820,000/86m2 – $9,534m2 – A RECORD FOR THE BUILDING

– 44/19 Dixon Street, New Farm – $761,500/111m2 – $6,860m2

– 4/21 Dixon Street, New Farm – $755,000/86m2 – $8,579m2

– 47/166 Sydney Street, New Farm – $680,000/98m2 – $6,938m2

– 136/71 Beeston Street, Teneriffe – $610,000/101m2 – $6,039m2

– 56/176 Sydney Street, New Farm – $560,000/102m2 – $4,960m2

– 205/1 Gray Street, New Farm – $550,000/118m2 – $4,661m2 (River Views)