So many new apartments we see on the market today are being sold as ‘rare’, ‘unique’ or ‘luxury’.

Just the other day we saw an off-plan offering of new apartments claiming to have 23 penthouses. How is that possible in a narrow building? Has the definition of a penthouse changed?

That kind of tricky marketing makes the savvy off-plan, new apartments purchaser wary.

So how can you tell real luxury from fake luxury?

(Credit: Deborah Cortelazzi on Unsplash) Not every apartment can claim to be luxury

Here are some clues:

  1. Look for the details. What appliances are included? Real luxury might have an extra dishwasher in the butler’s pantry, a built-in espresso machine and an integrated fridge as unexpected bonuses.
  2. Real luxury will have world-class brands and finishes. Gaggenau, marble, dolomite, more car spaces and direct lift access for example.
  3. Many are now describing luxury as how you spend your time rather than the things you own. So apartment living could be considered luxurious as there is less maintenance responsibility.
  4. Trend forecasters are also stating that true luxury is about the smaller, hand-crafted brands that may not have the social profile of ‘large luxury brands’. Agents believe this means smart consumers will be more on the hunt for boutique developments where they can build a sense of community, rather than the high-rises that are often prevalent.
  5. Space is luxury! Especially in an apartment. Often you’ll see three-bedroom apartments advertised, that really have the actual space of a two bedder. They use a smoke-and-mirrors floorplan technique of drawing double beds instead of queens. They’ll trick you with 2 seater sofas instead of 3.5. When you’re buying off the plan, make sure you understand the floorplan and how your furniture will fit in. Ensure the lifts will be able to accommodate your larger pieces too.

(Credit: Hutton & Hutton) Real luxury apartments will have luxury features. This New Farm apartment has a built-in espresso machine, a wine fridge, and city views

It’s food for thought.

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