With furniture for the home one of the top-trending products selling in 2020, we thought it would be nice to put together a capsule collection-type list for you to peruse if you’re thinking of loosening up the pursestrings over the next few weeks while you’re staycationing.

This little list comprises our picks for not only living comfortably, but they’re an investment in the right pieces for when you go to sell (in no particular order).


  1. Outdoor furniture – we love a nice outdoor setting. Honestly, what’s lovelier than sitting outdoors on a balmy evening after you’ve cooked a fabulous barbeque? Sitting on nice chairs! We’re loving just about anything from King Living, and for those whose budget stretches further, Space have beautiful, as well as practical settings too. Ideally, you’ll have space for a dining zone as well as an outdoor lounge setting.
  2. The right bar stools – there are so many great bar stools out there. First work out whether you’d like ones with a back rest, or without. For photography, the best look are the ones without the back rest. The timber bar stools at Living By Design are rather cute with their woven leather seat, and we also love the Phillipe Stark Louis Ghost bar stool in clear plastic – they’re a subtle bar stool that works almost everywhere.


  1. A sofa – let’s face it, with the advent of Netflix et al, we spend a lot of time on the sofa! So check your cushions and make sure they’re comfy – memory foam cushions are probably the best on the market currently. Colourwise, you’ll be best to choose a neutral sofa in light grey or pale beige, this may seem impractical but fabric protector will keep it in good order. A good sofa is a big investment, you want it to last for 10 years or more, so make sure the frame is solid too. At H & H, we love the idea of mixing in cushions like the ones they have at Bonnie & Neill.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list!