Why is it, similar rental properties can rent for very different amounts even in the same market?


The fact is, what your property rents for depends not only on its location, qualities and condition but several other factors that have a major influence on the weekly rent you receive.

Just consider a few of these ‘influences’ at play in your average property manager’s RCMA (Rental Comparative Market Appraisal – where they’ll list properties that have rented that are similar to yours).

For example . . .

— One of the comparison rental properties may have been rented under some kind of ‘landlord duress’ (e.g. the landlord had financial pressure and wanted to get any tenant in to their vacant property regardless of the rent)

— Another of the comparisons may have had ‘poor marketing’ and as a result didn’t get enough exposure to the market or attract enough of the right ‘Golden Tenants’

— While another had its ‘for rent’ price botched because the property manager wasn’t a competent, skilled communicator and negotiator

As you can see, any property manager that waltzes in and professes to know exactly what your property will rent for either doesn’t understand the ‘rental price influences’ and the effect they can have on the weekly rent or they’re psychic!

Just fill in the form and we’ll do the rest to provide you with a detailed, realistic Rental Comparative Market Appraisal. We’ll explain how we got to the appraised weekly rent. Why we think your property is worth more or less compared to the property rental comparisons given. It’ll be realistic and not inflated to buy your property management business.

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