If you’ve ever wondered about the costs associated with hiring a property manager in Brisbane, you wouldn’t be alone. Landlords all over Brisbane are looking for high-quality property management while scratching their heads at the associated fees. At H & H, we believe in keeping things open and honest, so we’re here to break down exactly how much it costs to get premium property management services in Brisbane.

What Do The Fees And Costs Cover?

Within Australia, the fees charged by property managers vary from agency to agency, and they can cover a whole host of things pertaining to the letting of your property. Make sure you ask your property manager what the fees include, as they may cover;

+ Letting fees. This covers the costs of your property manager sourcing new tenants for your property, including inspections, checking applications, and filling out the necessary paperwork. This fee usually amounts to 1-2 weeks rent.

+ Marketing fees. Any advertising undertaken to find a new tenant will be charged as a marketing fee.

+ Management fees. The day-to-day maintenance of your property is paid for with a management fee and is charged as a percentage of your weekly rent. It covers rent collection, maintenance, routine inspections, and communication with your tenant.

+ Tribunal fee. If you need to take your tenant to court, your property manager will represent you.

+ Reporting fee. Some agencies charge for annual or monthly reports designed to give you updated insight into the condition of your property.

Why Is It Best To Use A Property Management Service?

It might be tempting to try and manage your property alone, but there are so many advantages to enlisting the help of a property manager instead.

+  Save yourself time. Managing an investment property is a time-consuming job, and the last thing you’ll want to do is spend your time off organising tradespeople, chasing up rent, or fielding communication with your tenants. So when you hire a property manager in Brisbane, you can spend more time focussing on the things you value while you leave the management of your rental property up to us.

+ We know what we’re doing. At H & H, our property management team are experienced professionals. They know their way around legislation and property laws, they know how to find ideal long-term tenants, and they understand the best ways to market your property, so it doesn’t spend too long on the market. When you’re looking to lease your investment property, it’s always best to leave it in the hands of the experts.

+ Get the best possible price. The H & H team pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge of Brisbane’s surrounding suburbs, and we’re across market trends throughout the city. We can help you ask for just the right amount from your tenants, and we’ll advise you when there’s room to increase rent.

+ We’ll handle your tenants. Most of the time, the tenants we put forward for your approval are wonderful people who consistently pay rent on time and treat the property with the utmost respect. However, now and then, a tough conversation or two is needed, and an experienced property manager is the right person to handle it. At H & H, we don’t shy away from difficult discussions, and we’ll always be upfront with both you and your tenants.

How To Choose The Right Property Management Service For You

If you’re looking for a property management service, it’s important to do a little research to make sure you’re making the best choice for your property. 

+ Read reviews for your property manager in Brisbane. If you’ve found a property manager you’d like to work with, make sure to have a read of their reviews online. The opinions of other landlords and tenants should give you great insight into your property manager’s values.

+ Ask plenty of questions. Make sure to ask any questions you have before entrusting your property to a property manager. You’ll want to make sure that this person or agency has the best interests of you and your property at heart. Ask things like;

○ How many properties do you currently manage?

○ How would you handle difficult tenants?

○ What do you define as best practice property management?

○ What differentiates you from other property managers in Brisbane?

+ Find someone willing to communicate. All too often, property managers forget to check in with landlords to provide updates on the condition of their property. Make sure to find out how often your property manager intends to update you and the method they intend to use. You’ll want to find an agency committed to keeping you in the loop.

+ Research their values. Ultimately, the person you want representing you and your property needs to be someone whose values align with your own. Find yourself a property manager who values honesty, transparency, respect and is committed to delivering the very best for you and your property. When it comes to property management in Brisbane, H & H are dedicated to providing a more human experience for our clients. We always put the needs of our landlords and tenants first, making sure that everyone feels valued and heard.