Well, here we are again, you love your shopping, your eating, drinking, and doing. Basically you LOVE LIFE! And that’s fantastic – we love you for it. But it’s time to turn you into a sustainable-warrior. 

Here are our top 5 things to help balance out the fast-fashion approach to consuming and give back to our communities.

  1. Download ShareWaste to find people local to you to donate your organic produce waste (from Christmas) so it can be turned into compost and go back into the earth in a beneficial way
  2. Those Boxing Day sales have their eyes on you – us too. But first, why not declutter your wardrobe, do a Konmari on yourself and create a pile of clothes, accessories etc that you haven’t used for god-knows how long and donate them to an organisation that will share with people in need. Now you have some space to fill her back up, but before you do, do your research – is this item Australian made? Is it sustainable or ethically sourced material? Is it well made and will last? Better yet, find some local businesses that would love your support instead of battling the crowds in the CBD.
  3. We know how much us Aussies love to drink over the Christmas break – so why not turn this into a profitable scenario and save every can and bottle – donating them to containers for change. You can collect your refund or donate the money to a charity
  4. Put the car keys away and jump on some public transport or a bike to get to your destination – it’s interactive, healthy, eco-friendly and you’ll feel like you had a solid day out by the end – it will also put a new spice into your day that you didn’t know you were missing.
  5. So we’ve talked about the waste side of produce, but what about the acquiring side. There are so many amazing micro grocery shops, markets & brews now that allow us to buy and support local. By buying local, you strengthen the community and actually help diversify our options.

This list can be endless, so we hope narrowing in on these four pillars has got your thinking and inspired!

And again, if you have any other hot tips – please send them in! We love to learn about new things.