When we say the words ‘celebrity real estate agent’, we’ll bet the image you conjure up in your mind looks a little like this; a confident young man in a Burberry suit standing in front of his Mercedes G-Wagon. He measures his success in Rolexes, popped bottles of Dom Perignon, and a lifestyle lavish enough to rival that of superstars. 

Yes, his life looks impressive, especially when he relentlessly preaches about the ‘hustle’ or ‘the grind’, but is flaunting one’s income an accurate measure of success?

H & H Real Estate’s CEO and principal agent, Peter Hutton, thinks not. 

“The truth of the matter is this; it’s easy to boast your success in terms of wealth on social media to attract clients,” Mr Hutton said. 

“The logic is simple; someone that wealthy must be making a lot in commission, and if they’re getting plenty of commission, they’re good at selling their clients’ properties, and if they’re good at selling properties, maybe they can sell mine. 

“But I feel we need to look a little deeper than the flashy Instagram posts,” Mr Hutton said. 

“What I’d like to know is what do these celebrity real estate agents truly value? Is it their wealth? Or is it their client’s happiness?” 

Mr Hutton said he opened Hutton & Hutton Real Estate in New Farm all those years ago; he wanted to do something different. 

“I wanted to make noise in an industry where everyone was spruiking the same story,” Mr Hutton said. 

“I wanted to zig where others zag, if you will, and I’ve done that by putting my clients first, offering compassion, commitment, and, above all else, honesty to every client I meet.”

At H & H, we don’t measure our success with cars, holidays, or champagne. We enjoy those things, but they’re not the things that define us and set us apart from other agencies in Brisbane. Instead, we measure our success by the number of satisfied clients we work with every day. Rather than working to earn designer brands, we work to earn people’s trust. 

The H & H values are simple. We maintain honesty and integrity in everything we do, we stay humble but hungry, and we underpromise and overachieve. In essence, we’re trying to be better humans in an industry full of people enamoured with their online bank statements. 

So, to make a long story short, we’ll take a pass on the G-Wagon and the fancy watches. The H & H team would much rather celebrate our clients’ successes over our own.