Whenever we’ve moved house, it’s never felt like home until we get our art up on the walls. Are you the same?

‘The great artist is the simplifier.’ Vincent van Gogh.

With the importance of art in mind, we’ve put together a list of the five artists you need to know right now.

Sebastian Helling

Represented in Australia by TW Fine Art in Newstead, Oslo-based Sebastian Helling’s work is inspired by graffiti and formed by both creative and destructive processes. We love the scale of his work and its boldness and can envision it being displayed on gallery-like walls in domestic settings like new development, Botanic.

John Bokor

John’s work is proudly represented by Edwina Corlette in Fortitude Valley. It reminds us of the late, great Margaret Olley, with its depictions of still lifes that have an otherworldly quality to them. John’s work is all at once familiar and unfamiliar and is the type of art that you’d never tire of. We think it would look great in all kinds of homes from modern to traditional.

Antonia Perricone Mrljak

We featured Antonia’s work in another article because obviously we love her so much! Pure abstracts and with THE most gorgeous colours you’ve ever seen, her works range from small to enormous and suit any setting. By the way, creating abstracts is not as easy as it looks! Oh, if you’d like to acquire one of her diving pieces, Antonia is represented by Becker Minty.

Paul Ryan

Adopted in New Zealand at birth and brought to Australia as a young boy, Paul’s works are informed by his surroundings in his native Wollongong, having grown up with a love of surfing. Don’t be fooled by this simple statement of his providence though because his work is quite thought-provoking, with its mix of history and humour. Paul is also represented by Edwina Corlette.

Julia Sirriani

Upcoming artist Julia Sirrani has already developed a following that snap up her expressionist style works as soon as they hit the exhibition walls. She works plein air which often involves her feeling like she’s lurking about – but nobody minds when she produces such beautiful works to hang on our walls. Julia is also represented by Edwina Corlette.