Your Any-Time-of-Year Festive Table

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday party or dinner with friends, it’s fun to set a fabulous table.

It’s not just about making your place look good, it can set the mood, spark conversations and give you an excuse to use your best silverware!

But how do you pull everything together in a way that doesn’t feel cliched?

Start with Linens

Neutral tablecloths and napkins give you the most flexibility for an elegant vibe for your guests and create a great base to work some magic with the rest of the setting. Personalise each setting with a black and white printed photo placed on the napkins with your partygoers’ names on the back (better yet, a picture of each of your guests – they’ll never forget your dinner party!) You can even write the menu there as well.

Incorporate Nature

Depending on what’s available at your local market, you can’t go wrong with plants, flowers, fruit and herbs.

One idea for a summer theme is pineapples down the centre of the table, on top of a ‘runner’ made of palm leaves. Add in a few shells, some candles, et voila! In winter, how pretty would some vases of dainty nasturtiums look down the centre of your table, perhaps in little terracotta pots or glass vases?

Another favourite is pots of rosemary (what a delicious aroma), this look/feel would be delightful for a winter dinner party with friends where you might serve slow cooked lamb then a bread and butter pudding.

Light the Candles

As we mentioned above, candles can really set the mood for your table. Everyone looks amazing by firelight, and you can never have too many (friends OR candles that is!) Think triple the amount and you’ll be on point. And don’t forget, you won’t want scented candles on your table – they’ll interfere with the mouth-watering aromas you’re creating in the kitchen, which after all, is the real reason behind setting the table.

All images kindly supplied by Magnolia Interiors. A local Brisbane iconic retailer of the most utterly beautiful things for your home.