And we think you’ll agree they’re spot on.

Caleb loves the look of a massive mirror leaning against the wall (a particularly good idea for tenants). Jarrod agrees, and also adds to that neutral colours, and bold, statement art.


Kerry-Anne loves a touch of green via pot plants, as well as a textured cushion or two, while Pete loves to add movement into his property photography via a person (blurred) walking through the kitchen or having the family dog in the shot. He recalls the use of the famed ‘bowl of green apples’ from 15 years ago in the Hutton Real Estate days.

Allie’s tip is to use sheer drapes to conceal security screens, and a large rug when creating the living zones.

Marvin agrees, saying that rugs and plants really tie a room together.


Ivana brings her whole bag of tricks to her photoshoots. There are things like chopping boards, oil bottles, jars and greenery to make a vignette for the kitchen, and a throw and cushions for the lounge.

Lisa’s favourites are books to add a bit of colour, and lamps. She adds that great lighting makes an enormous difference to the online images.

Karen is partial to white – white on the bed (add scatters for colour and texture), white fluffy towels in the bathroom, some white orchids on a sideboard in front of your big art and white on the walls always makes a home look fresh and well-cared for.