Back in the days when Neanderthals would wander in search of their next campsite, the glow of dusk was an important marker in terms of settling down for the night.

Fast forward to 2021, and that twilight glow is still imprinted on us as a time for heading home, resonating with our need for shelter, safety and protection.

The absence of shadows, the depth of colours and the soft glow of interior lighting makes dusk shots particularly powerful when it comes time to market your home for sale.

It’s great to allow the potential buyers to see what your home’s aesthetic is like at varying times of the day and show off the interior and exterior lighting.

There’s no doubt that twilight shots make a home extremely inviting, which in turn creates more online opportunity for the agent to maximise buyer competition (always a top priority at H & H!)

Not all properties require dusk shots (they do add to the cost of your campaign), but they can be used to great effect to help maximise the sold price of your home.

There’s only one way to achieve the highest price for your home.

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