The rise and rise of large floorplate inner city one per floor boutique apartments

The new home for inner city professional family life: young executive couples, rightsizing empty nesters and young families with high expendable income are gravitating to larger luxury apartments with every amenity imaginable but hugging the city centre eschewing suburban lifestyle.

For inner city cafe and restaurant lifestyle – these inner city family friendly boutique complexes are becoming the must-have home for young families on the rise. One in the city and one on the coast – forget mowing and pool cleaning and head out for cafe culture and classes; personal training in house with a group of resident friends of mixed ages!

Where did it start?

The first large floorplate ‘amalgamations’ in Brisbane emerged with Haven Newstead where Deb Maguire was involved in selling conjoined apartments changing the original designs to challenge the developer at the time to provide 17-28 metre frontage to the view overlooking the Brisbane River at Newstead.

The word amalgamation hadn’t been common in Brisbane development until that point in 2017. From these 22 sales many of which took up half the frontage of the penthouse and sub penthouse levels and sold within 18 months of launch heralded the larger floorplans we see today in the Brisbane city archiscape.

To note this trend jumped the river to Banc in Toowong with the majority of the project sold by Hutton and Hutton’s Peter and Karen and then Deb Maguire completing the sale of the 34 larger floorplan residences of two per floor frontage to view. 

And these marked the rise of the larger inner city apartment dwellers – homes for lifelong transitions – luxurious living expected yet not screaming extravagant opulence; large enough to provide separation for teens, to accomodate guests when family moves out and to maintain social network without heading to the suburbs. Pool cleaning, lawnmowing and the eternal painting of the quintessential Queenslander were able to be put to rest by these forward-thinking buyers who are prioritising inner city lifestyle and comprehensive amenities over land size.

Further developments selling fast that fit this archiscape type are Maison New Farm, One Five Six Oxlade, North and South Pier at Waterfront Newstead, and Botanic. One and Two Scott Street (Walan) Kangaroo Point; under construction currently are Thornton also ‘Element’ at East Brisbane which is well into construction represent this style of living also.

Element is the epitome of understated luxury and superlative design and inclusive of six only boutique full floor residences complete with shared rooftop amenities, as well as a space saving state of the art mechanical car parking valet to take away and deliver your car in 45 seconds. 

With only two remaining luxury residences still available, think soaring smooth white Dolomite Marble feature walls and flooring; teamed with green wall privacy screening and master craftsman built Venetian plasterwork; wide herringbone natural oak flooring, automated systems abound, sliding cabinetry designed for simplicity and minimalist presentation, talk to Deb Maguire for more on these stunning residences.

The rise and rise of the inner-city boutique dwelling is here to stay – where families, executives and retirees co-reside to enjoy all the benefits of inner city social life. It’s the new architype of choice for Brisbanites with the wherewithal to make the choice of citychic lifestyle over the labour heavy Queenslanders of burbia.

Deb Maguire