Change Isn’t Always A Good Thing: What Is Property Manager Turnover Doing To Your Investment Property?

In many situations, change is welcome and exciting. For example, trying the new Italian restaurant that opened down the road, starting to do long walks along the Brisbane riverwalk daily, or getting into a new creative hobby are all excellent types of change. However, there are a few changes to our lives that are a little less welcome.

Take a moment to think back and count how many property managers you’ve had since owning your investment property. Has your property manager changed in the last 6-12 months? Was the handover professional and tidy? Unexpected, poorly handled change in property management isn’t the kind of change you should have to put up with, which is why Hutton & Hutton strive to offer consistent property management in Brisbane.

Why Do Property Managers Leave? 

As every agency is a little different, there are several reasons why property managers might leave their roles. Reasons could include; 

+ Stress and burnout. Some agencies overload their property managers with overwhelming rent rolls, so their property management team is constantly overworked and stressed. At H & H, we work hard to support our property management team, which is why we have a highly curated rent roll of brilliant Brisbane properties and a team of capable property managers maintaining them. 

+ Poor workplace culture. There’s nothing worse than coming to work and feeling negativity in the air. Real estate is a fast-paced industry, and it’s easy for us to forget to take a step back and enjoy ourselves every once in a while. The H & H team treat one another like family, and we always do our best to have a laugh at work and outside of work. 

+ Inefficient systems. As you could imagine, managing hundreds of properties with technology from the stone age is a difficult task, and often it’s these outdated systems that see high-quality property managers leaving their agencies. At H & H, we’ve always been pioneers of the real estate industry’s latest technology, so our team is always equipped with the very best. 

What Does Property Management Turnover Do To Your Investment Property? 

When an agency has a high property manager turnover, the real loser is you and your property. 

+ Your property enters rental limbo. When a property manager resigns, they’ll hand in their two weeks notice, and the property manager’s portfolio goes into limbo until a new manager is found. 

+ Your tenants will be caught in the chaos. If your tenants require any maintenance, it might be difficult for them to get in contact with a property manager or someone who can help them. 

+ Certain issues may slip through the cracks. If you or your tenants have raised concerns in the past that your property manager neglects to note down, they may not be passed on correctly to their replacement, meaning you’ll end up repeating yourself. 

How Are H & H Doing Things Differently? 

If you’d like to rely on a bit of stability in your property management team, lease your property with the H & H team.  

+ We strive for consistency. Our property management team has barely changed in over 18 months, and we’ve only made additions to the team, not replacements. We’ve trained more property managers to deliver the outstanding customer service our landlords and tenants have come to know and trust from the H & H team. 

+ We keep our property management team happy. We believe that happy property managers equal happy landlords and tenants, so we make sure our team feel supported at work. We go above and beyond to provide a positive work environment so we can retain our experienced, brilliant property management team. 

+ We’re always looking to improve. At H & H, we’re never going to sit back and stop learning. We encourage our team to provide feedback so we can constantly improve our offerings to our landlords and tenants. We believe consistent, high-quality performance and stability is the key to offering an unmatched customer experience.