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Beauty on the Outside: Keep Your Rental Looking Great

May 17, 2019

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In people, it’s what’s inside that counts. For rental properties, that’s not the case. The interior is very important. However, landlords tend to put so much effort into making inside look amazing that the exterior becomes neglected. Curb appeal is really important! When your perfect tenant rocks up to the inspection they have already begun […]

Top 10 Things Tenants LOVE About New Farm

May 14, 2019

Feature Article Landlords New Farm Property Management

It’s no secret that here at Hutton & Hutton we think New Farm is the bee’s knees. And honestly, why wouldn’t we?! It’s the best suburb in Brisbane (and dare we say Australia…) However, we’re not the only ones who have a love for all things in New Farm; tenants love it too! We wrote […]

What Does A Property Manager Do?

April 24, 2019

Brisbane Inner North Feature Article Inner East Brisbane Landlords Property Management

Your property is important to you. No one understands that better than the team at Hutton & Hutton. We know that when you’re leasing your property out, you want to know it’s in good hands. That’s where we come in. Our property management team is pretty amazing and they respect your property as if it […]

Supply and Demand in Tenants’ Favour: Counteracting the Trend

August 7, 2018

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A quick glance on RP Data shows many Brisbane rental properties dropping by an average of $50pw over the last year. Is it a simple case of supply outreaching demand? With an average weekly rent that’s 10%+ above the Brisbane average (for a 2 bed apartment), you might wonder how we’ve counteracted the trend. It’s […]


February 19, 2018

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A premium property manager will MAKE you more money by: Maximising rents – They know how to present your property to the right tenant. You might pay a few percent more, but when you add up the cost of the extra time a poor property manager will cost your bottom line by the possibility of […]


February 19, 2018

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Onsite management seems like a good option for many landlords, but is it really in your best interests? Most onsite managers come from diverse backgrounds in other businesses and they’ve bought themselves a retirement job. They’re not career property managers in other words. Landlords who use the onsite manager to rent their property do so […]


February 19, 2018

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The next level is the cut-price property manager. They’re the ones with big signage all over their building offering a slashed-rate percentage of management fees. Generally speaking in the industry, anything below 7% is considered cut price. It’s ironic that some investors want the highest rental price from the tenant AND the cheapest management fees […]


February 19, 2018

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Confucius said, ‘Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.’ I knew a landlord whose sole focus was on scrooging as much money as he could. He rarely spent money on maintaining his property, and at the end of each lease the tenant would always leave. But his main objective was to save […]

Expert Brisbane Property Investors Look Beyond Management

March 7, 2017

Library Property Management

It’s understandable that Brisbane property investors want to maximise income and minimise expenses. Most Brisbane property investors are borrowing money and they and their managers become obsessed with immediate return because it’s often crucial to the ongoing survival of the investment. The worst case scenario, stated simply is: no rent = no income = no […]

Top 7 Landlord Tips To Make More Profit From Your Rental Property

February 17, 2017

Library Property Management

One of the best landlord tips there is to make sure you maximise your rental income is to ensure your agent spends some time developing a great relationship with the person who’s leasing your property. If a resident (a cooler word than tenant) isn’t promptly responded to by your managing agent, a relationship can turn […]

Property Management Tips: 3 Principles For Attracting The Golden Tenant

August 6, 2016

Library Property Management

We’re getting ready to give landlords a different experience in property management with our Landlord Concierge Service; and thought we’d share with you over the coming months some practical property management tips which we’ve learnt over the past twenty years in real estate. So here goes… Property Management Tips: 3 Principles for Attracting ‘The Golden Tenant’ To start with, […]