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The Marie Kondo Effect

February 25, 2019

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Early 2019 Netflix launched their new series ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ and it was met with high viewer ratings and a sudden global desire to declutter. Thousands of people have been sorting through their worldly possessions and asking themselves ‘Does this spark joy?’ There are so many fantastic reasons to declutter your life. Clutter […]

How To Make Your Home More Sustainable

February 11, 2019

Downsizing Tips New Farm Sustainable Living

Let’s face it; the planet is in a critical state. The temperatures are rising, the bees are dying, and it all just feels too much. Nowadays, you can even suffer from ‘eco-anxiety’, a diagnosable form of anxiety directly related to the impending doom of the planet. So what are we going to do? How can […]


July 16, 2018

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Many of our clients don’t even wait for the kids to fly the coup before they downsize. Life’s so busy, they just want the convenience of living in an apartment where everything’s taken care of. And what are the suburbs they’re flocking to? Well, we thought we’d make a list for you to peruse while […]


The Joy Of Downsizing (What To Bring)

May 8, 2017

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Thinking about downsizing? So what will you be bringing with you when you downsize? One of the first things luxury downsizers think about after signing off on their new apartment is, ‘I’m going to need to let go of a few things.’ In order to help you assess what to keep and what to bring, […]

7 Things Downsizers Should Know About Buying Off The Plan, But Don't

April 18, 2017

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Ask someone what they think about buying off the plan and they’ll likely say, “Don’t do it.” No surprise there. Stories of buying off the plan gone wrong are common. We’ve all heard them. Builders doing shoddy work. Developers not delivering on their promises. Real estate agents talking up a residential development and what gets […]

3 Good Reason For Buying Off The Plan

March 4, 2017

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Buying off the plan can make a lot of sense for those who want to live in a brand new home, without all the hassles of dealing with architects and builders. It suits your time frame: Having a long settlement period means you have quite a bit of breathing room to take care of the […]

Downsizing Your Commute to Inner City Dream Home

September 17, 2016

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With modern expectations of having more, it’s easy to forget the freedom that comes with having less. Downsizing is growing in popularity, but don’t make the mistake that downsizing just means moving to a smaller house. It doesn’t. Downsizing comes in many forms. Downsizing your daily school commute is just one example. Recently some friends of […]

5 Things Apartment Living Saves You From Doing!

July 26, 2016

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Now that we live in an apartment we’ve discovered 5 things about apartment living we love not doing! Oh and by the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, that’s not our apartment pictured unfortunately. OMG, we wish it was. It happens to be the Sky Mansion we’re selling in Banc – but that’s another story. Back […]

A Guide to Dogs in Apartments

June 13, 2016

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We’ve been asked by a few prospective Banc residents whether the project is pet friendly. Thankfully, the developer recognised that luxury downsizers still want their pooches to join them in their new digs (who else is that excited when you get home?) So we thought we’d look into some of the ways pet owners can […]

Home Downsizing Checklist: 10 Simple Questions

March 16, 2016

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If you’re 55 or better, you may be considering a new lease on life by downsizing into an apartment. Here are 10 questions to help your downsizing decision-making process. Am I in limbo waiting for a crisis (like sustaining a bad fall), in order to make the decision? Is the maintenance and upkeep of the […]

Apartment Living Insight: Over 55 and Overlooked?

January 19, 2016

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With children grown, debts cleared, inheritances collected and professional maturity achieved, you’re ready for new experiences and lifestyle solutions. You want to live in better and new circumstances; often that means leaving a large family home for a luxury apartment that’s lower maintenance in a prime location. The problem is, the average property developer has no idea how […]

5 Mistakes Baby Boomers Make When Downsizing To Apartment Living

November 18, 2015

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Baby boomers downsizing want to maintain or enhance their lifestyle and ‘live it up’ in their later years. Here are some avoidable downsizing real estate mistakes. Not downsizing soon enough. Big homes come with big bills. Downsizing sooner rather than later can keep extra cash in your bank account longer. Some baby boomers wait until […]

Property Tip: The Joy of Downsizing

September 23, 2015

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Isn’t it interesting to note that the word ‘downsizing’ has a little bit of a negative tinge? It’s almost the opposite of what we’re supposed to want. We seem to expand the amount of stuff we own to fit the space available. Maybe a better word is ‘rightsizing’. It can be difficult to let go […]