What do you do when you want to rent your investment property quickly? Why, you come to H & H of course! Our property management team are next level amazing and they don’t just rent your property out quickly. They find you the perfect tenant to suit your property in record time. H & H’s BDM Caleb Reis has been leasing properties for years and he’s learnt some fantastic tips to getting your investment occupied in record time. If your real estate agent isn’t doing these things, it’s time to consider a switch!

Weekly Reports For Landlords

One of our biggest tips for landlords is to maintain flexibility. We understand this can sometimes be difficult, but trust us, it’s worth it. H & H make it our priority to send our landlords weekly reports on the progress of your property’s rental process. We include information such as how many people are attending inspections and comments made in order to gauge how prospective tenants feel about the property. This helps you make minor adjustments if needed to price or to the property to help it lease faster. You can sleep easy knowing H & H is taking care of everything.

(Credit: Helloquence on Unsplash) We generate weekly reports so you know what’s going on with your property.

Engaging Online Listings

First impressions are important, especially when it comes to rental properties. If a prospective tenant is scrolling through realestate.com.au and your property has low-resolution images with bland, dense copy underneath, they’re going to scroll right past without a second thought. H & H are all about style. We pride ourselves on looking sharp, clean, and high-quality and this extends to the properties we list. We make sure each listing has high-quality photos that best capture the highlight features of the house. We then follow this with easy-to-read, eye-grabbing copy which not only lists features and amenities, but also tells a story. We want potential tenants to fall in love with your property before they’ve stepped foot within it.

(Credit: H & H) Our online listings capture the best features of a property.

Curb Appeal

Here’s the thing. No matter how stunning your property is on the inside, a lot of people are going to be turned off if it is falling apart on the outside. Your exterior is the first thing potential tenants will see and they will begin judging it the moment they lay eyes on it. When appraising your property, H & H will make suggestions as to how minor improvements could be made. A little landscaping here and a touch of paint there will go a long way to getting your property rented faster. Even if it’s just mowing the lawn or cleaning leaves from the gutters, it all yields results.

(Credit: H & H) A property’s exterior is important for first impressions.

Spot On Pricing

So the online listing is eye-catching and intriguing and we’ve cleaned up the outside of the property ready for open homes. So what now? We need to list your property for the perfect price. This can be confusing for many landlords. How much is too much? Am I asking too little? Fortunately for you, H & H are the experts at finding the perfect price for your property. We conduct extensive appraisals of the property taking in the best features of your investment and taking note of its potential downsides. After careful consideration, we bring you our suggestions and talk it through with you. With the right price tag attached, your property will be leased in no time.

(Credit: Andrew Neel on Unsplash) Price can often be the make or break when it comes to leasing property quickly.

Great Property Management

Finally, nothing beats a great property management team. Without a good, confident and experienced property manager, even the best properties can be overlooked. When potential tenants attend inspections, they want to meet with somebody who can answer their questions with confidence and will make their application process a breeze. At H & H, we treat our landlords like family. We keep you in the loop on all matters big and small and we’ll go above and beyond for you. We also believe that tenants should be treated the same. A lot of agencies will treat tenants as a number, but we believe they’re an integral part of our business and should be treated as such. That’s why H & H are loved by our landlords and tenants alike!

(Credit: Maurice Williams on Unsplash) A good property management team will leave your tenants smiling.