So you’re looking at buying for investment. Congratulations! Property is a fantastic long-term method of growing wealth and it has been proven time and time again to be one of the safest investments a person can make.

However, it can be overwhelming!

That’s where we come in. Hutton & Hutton have simplified the steps you should take to purchasing an investment property so you can focus on diving in!

(Credit: Lukas on Pexels) Buying for investment is exciting! You’re on your way to long-term increased wealth!


It’s important to understand your personal motives for investing in property as it will ultimately help you to answer a lot of the questions that will follow.

Unfortunately ‘to get rich’ does not suffice as a solid answer! You need to really look at the core reasons you’re looking to invest in property. Is it to add to an already existing portfolio? Is it to enter the property market as a ‘rent-vestor’?

Look at your short- and long-term goals as these will help you to form a solid plan. The plans of a retiree looking to supplement their pension will look drastically different to a first home-buyer looking to utilise the first home-buyers grant and live in their property for 12 months and then rent it out.

(Credit: Rawpixel on Pexels) First-home buyers will have different motives in buying for investment than other buyers


This one is hugely important. If you’re looking to increase your wealth over time, you need to be looking at suburbs that offer high capital growth potential. Make sure you do plenty of research into the areas in which you’re looking to buy. A detailed comparative analysis of the properties in the area that are for sale or have recently sold will help to inform you of what’s happening in that market.

(Credit: Joshua Willson on Unsplash) Brisbane is a great area with projected growth in the future as it competes with Sydney and Melbourne


So you have an idea of where you’re looking to buy, the next question is what are you buying? An apartment? A house? A townhouse?

This question can be answered by looking into your motives for purchasing property in the first place and by looking at your budget. The area you’ve selected will also help you narrow this down, as apartments in regional and rural suburbs are less likely to offer apartment living and inner-city living will have less opportunity for family-sized homes.

(Credit: David McBee on Pexels) Are you looking to buy a house? Or maybe a townhouse?


The next thing you need to be looking for is a good real estate agent to help you out! The right agent will understand your motives for purchasing and they will be driven to finding you the perfect property at the right price.

Make sure you’re open and honest with your agent as they are on your team! At Hutton & Hutton, we treat our clients as part of the family. We like to make sure everyone is looked after and that both buyer and seller walk away with a big smile on their faces.



(Credit: Hutton & Hutton) Our incredible sales team comprises of Peter Hutton and Angelo Zardo from the New Farm office and Jarrod Perry, Franz Stapelberg, Ivana Reich, and Sallyanne Smith from the Hawthorne office


So how are you going to finance this? In terms of mortgage and interest rates, you need to find a bank that is going to offer you the best deal possible. To start you off, check out comparison sites like and write down what they’re offering. Then further your research by visiting the banks and making enquiries. Banks with which you already have credit history may be willing to negotiate and price match to keep you as a loyal customer.

When it comes to things such as stamp duty, taxes, rates, and land tax you may want to find yourself a good accountant. While it’s a short-term expense, having your taxes done properly can maximise your returns and ensure you don’t run into strife down the road!

(Credit: Rawpixel on Pexels) Make sure you shop around for the mortgage for your situation!


The final question is when are you looking at taking the first steps? It’s never too early to do your research. In fact, the earlier you begin studying up, the more understanding and expertise you’ll have when you make the plunge.

If you’re considering investing in property, please don’t hesitate to give Hutton & Hutton a call. We’d love to help you along on your exciting journey.

(Credit: Rawpixel on Pexels) It’s never too early to start researching